Tuesday, 23 June 2009

3 days till Wembley

Yep I will be going to see some dad rock at Wembley on friday! Managed to get a hold of a ticket for AC/DC at Wembley stadium on friday. I am sure it will be mental even though I don't really like AC/DC much at all to be honest. It's all about the vibe man...the feel for real live evagelistical good time boogie ROCK and who better to deliver it than the legendary Aussies. I shall be joing in with the "Angus! Angus! Angus!!" chants fervently - oh YES!

Bought 5 cds after a couple of months drought. I thought what the hell let me order some cds even the mp3s are quite enough for me these days. Anyhow I had to support some of my faves with purchases especially Powerwolf who deserve it and more for the amount of times I've played their album and some songs in particular. I need to update my faves list for this year which I will leave for the weekend and my purchased cds list also needs updating.

Roll on Friday and let there be ROCK!! Will write a review and try to take some pics if I can.

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