Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Not to be for United

Pretty much outplayed by Barcelona. We started well but and looked damn good for 10 minutes but then Eto'o scored and that was more or less it. Couldn't really get it going and they had more chances and finally got the second goal from the little genius Messi. Well done to them, they fully deserved this success. Hard luck lads.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday

Well it's good to be off from work again although we've had quite a few days off lately. Still another one won't hurt. Apparently it's due to be 27 degress today although it's overcast at the moment, however thunderstorms are due later on.

Might be getting a free ticket to see Blaze this coming Saturday. Blaze is alright, he tries damn hard and is metal to the bone bless him. He's had a bumpy ride in his personal and public life but he keeps persevering and I guess the metalheads should applaud his endeavour and grit in the face of much adversity.

Heard two new power metal hammers in the face. Cage's new CD is just blistering heavy power metal as is the new Mystic Prophecy - Fireangel. Although I must admit that on first listen Iam somewhat missing the awesome vocal melodies from Liapakis in MP. The songs seem to be much more about blasting away with massive riffs and not so much about catchy melodies. Obviously it will take more plays to reveal it's hooks. The Cage on the other hand both although from Cage I was never expecting sing-alongs anyway but somehow they have just delivered a great album that will please any fan of heavy power metal. These guys don't have the success and recognition they deserve.

Came across this new London based band called New Device whilst browsing a rock forum. This band is seriously good and it's good to see a local band doing music like this. Straightahead melodic rock with great riffs and cool vocals. Check it out.

New Device

On the football front, it was the last day of the season and I wanted Newcastle to go down and by golly down they went. 50,000 to watch Scunthorpe next year, why ay mon!

United v Barca in Rome on Wednesday which I think all United fans can hardly wait for at the moment. Gonna be a crazy night!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sick again

This is just not fair..I only just got over the cold I had and the last two days I caught another one! Really lame. I hate being sick it's just awful. This is not exactly a really bad one but it's bad enough to bring on a headache, blocked nose and chills.

Anyway I have to lump it, I have no choice on the matter.

Found a great new prog metal album by a Brazillian band called Planeshift. They are really very skilled indeed.

I missed the Stratovarius, Firewind and Eden's Curse gig last night at the Islington Academy. Probably good job the way I was feeling last night. Would have been a cool gig no doubt but alas I had to miss it this time. I don't know when my next gig will be but I guess it won't be too long hopefully!

Saturday, 16 May 2009


A pretty drab nil niler with Arsenal means United win the title for the 3rd time in a row. We had a few nervy moments for sure but in the end we got the point we needed. Once again we proved that when it comes to the crunch we know how to pull it out of the bag. Ony the Champions League final left now against Barcelona. What a night that will be but until then we bask in the glory of an 11th League title under Fergie's reign and in total an 18th title which means we finally draw level with those hubcap pinching scousers! Woohooo!

Home to Arsenal

Finally a chance to clinch the title in front of a packed Old Trafford. Apparently out of all United's title successes only two have been won in front of the home fans. What great time than to do it against Arsenal at home. We only need a point but I am sure the lads will be trying very hard for the win. After all it's better to win it in style and I remember Arsenal coming to Old Trafford a few years ago and winning the title here so we owe them one for that. It will be tough to beat them as although they are going through a hard spell, they are still a great young side and need to be given utmost respect. The game kicks off at 12.45 today so by 3pm we shall know whether United are finally champions for the third time in a row or not.

Tonight sees the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. A contest not to be taken too seriously but a fun evening nevertheless. My favourite from Belarus was unfortunately knocked out in the semi-finals which is a great shame. Petr Elfimov's song was a great AOR anthem with a huge chorus. Not sure about the one's that are left but I liked Armenia's ethnic styled pop anthem.

I've sent a few interview questions for Bloodbound to answer via the Pure Metal site. The link can be accesses on the side and I will post a reminded here of course once it has been uploaded. Don't forget you can also read my reviews at that site which sends me promos etc for review on a regular basis. Not liking the weather much today, chilly, damp and cold! Going to the pub to celebrate the title hopefully. We don't really want it to go to the last game if possible and I'm sure Hull don't want that either!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

One More Point!

Phew! One nought down at half time to the rugby team and playing like a bunch of twats and Fergie must have gone ballistic. Of course you should never write this team off and so it proved yet again. Tevez came on and again scored a great goal and a left footer from Carrick of all people more or less has wrapped the title up. A very difficult night has ended wonderfully well for the red hordes of Manchester. We need but the sequestering of one point from the Gunners of North London at home on Saturday in order to bag the title for the third year in a row. Great stuff!!

Wigan v Man Utd

Come on lads! Win tonight and the title is only a single point away. How hard can it be to beat a bunch of rugby league players I ask you. They'll probbaly slaughter us 6-0 now I've said that. Going down the pub to watch.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bonded by Blood @ Purple Turtle

So 150 or so thrash diehards gathered in the tiny Purple Turtle to tear it a new asshole as they say and boy did we tear it one! First band was called Your City is Forgotten - a late and out of place addition to the bill. They were deathcore, breakdown infested, rant merchants. I renamed them Your Band is Forgotten- oops sorry lads. This wasn't your crowd but I guess no one threw beer at you so not so bad eh.

Next up was the insanity that is the new thrashforce hurricane of ol' London town - namely the awe inspiring young upstarts of Mutant. They have a limited supply songs but man when they thrash along this good, who needs variety. They changed up the order from the last week I saw them at the Underworld. They still sound amazingly tight and you can't go wrong with these neckbreakers they call tunes can you. There was a 15 man pit started after the opening song with the odd stage diver but the intensity of the headbanging and thrashing all round me was pretty wild although I did hear and see a couple of guys getting a bit overzealous in the pit on a couple of occasions - I guess this type of music just sends some people over the edge. Anyway these Mutant guys just leave me with a shit eating grin all over my fat face!

Next up were Canadian retro NWOBHM metallers Cauldron. They have the moves in place and look the part. They make a right royal thumping groovy racket but alas don't seem to be quite the songsmiths that one would like. The vocals are a little bit scratchy and flat as well. Not so bad and the heart is definitely in the right place but they need more in the way of memorability with the songs.

Finally it was the turn of Hispanic thrash crew of LA - namely Bonded by Blood. I quite like them on record but certainly don't love them. Their songs are a bit so so with a few killer rippers thrown in but I will tell you this live they were absolutely incendiary. Walls of head banging hair and unison axe twiddling lead breaks and squeaky fast spat vocals. Especially the little maniac bass player with his curly mane banging away like his head is about to fly off! Loads and loads of damn fun these guys. They played roughly 40 minutes and it was over all too soon. I still can't tell hardly one song from another in the live setting but damn it was insanely catchy and cool anyway. The gathered headbangers at the front went nuts so to speak and the guys in the band thrashed away like there's no tomorrow. Once again a couple of drunk idiots went a little bit over the the top, with their pit behaviour leaving a little bit to be desired but I guess I'm an old fuck so what do I know - I just steer clear at the side and enjoy the bouncy riffs 'n' sizzling solos! I especially loved the insane track Another Disease with it's killer riffs. Bonded by Blood were hellishly cool and much better than I was expecting. Those Hispanic dudes know all about the art of shredding thrash.

High Quality Youtube clips of Bonded by Blood and Mutant are here. Captures the immensely energetic performances of both bands perfectly and thanks to the "newmetalarmy" for filming it. Thrash til death!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

"Strolling strolling strolling..."

Through the manchester summer sun. Easy 2-0 win over the blue side. Ronaldo free kick and a great Tevez goal. Ronaldo got subbed in the 2nd half and his face was like a spanked arse. Take it easy Ronnie. You did your job and others have to play a bit as well. He sulked and sulked and the toys were well and truly close to being hurled out of the proverbial pram. It's all about the team as fasr as I'm concerned and not one indivdual's self importance however primary he may be to the cause. Only 4 points needed now from the remaining 3 games against Wigan, Arsenal and Hull. Barring a catastrophe of Devon Loch-esque proportions the title should be wrapped up at home to the Arsenal next week.

Off to the gig a bit later. Will be a fun show hopefully.

Thrash gig later

Off to the little thrash gig tonight at the tiny Purple Turtle. Should be fun. Mutant will slay all no doubt. The Rauncherrrrrrrrr!!

Manchester derby to watch a bit later. The Hammers rolled over for the Scousers last night so we have to beat Citeh and then some. No holding back lads, let them have it both barrells! Funnily enough I actually had 2 quid on the scummy Scousers to win 3-0 at 10s. Was hoping to put a jinx on them cause I hardly ever win on football but this time it came in as they scored the 3rd goal late on. Might put a small bet on City today hoping it would have the same jinx effect. Mind you it didn't work yesterday with Liverpool, did it!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Still reading from the beastly bible

There is no end to my worship for the new Powerwolf album as stated in an earlier post. No end at all! What a fantastic piece of epic, trouser tenting, over the top anthemic heavy metal it is. Song after song it just never lets up with huge chorus after huge chorus. Resurrection by Erection is definitely my favourite song of the year so far and there are some great contenders from this album alone never mind anything else. That song just amazes me. It's so tongue in cheek with hilariously catchy lyrics and a chorus so over the top that you just can't help but bellow like a prized bull.

Going to the Bonded by Blood thrash gig on sunday with Cauldron and Mutant. Not amazingly excited by it as the original bill had Fueled by Fire and Suicidal Angels which are two great thrash bands, but alas they've been scrapped from the UK tour and replaced by Cauldron and of course the totally amazingly brilliant Mutant. Cauldron doesn't do much for me but Mutant and Bonded by Blood will be cool. I'll keep supporting the thrash underground though I'm sure there won't be too many at that gig but heck it will still be sweaty no doubt. Thrash til death!

Manchester derby on sunday with City aiming to scupper United's title march. We owe them for last season's home debacle so let's hope the lads continue the great form from the Emirates on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Amazing scenes at the Bridge!

Barca snatched a draw in the 92nd minute and the ref turned down appeals for a penalty just after which resulted in absolute mayhem at the final whistle. Mind you there were two more pretty good shouts for a penalty earlier on in the game which were also turned down obviously. The Chelsea players behaviour at the end was pretty disgraceful especially that mug Drogba. They can only blame themselves. They had Barcelona for the taking tonight and they should have buried them but 1-0 leads are precarious at the best of times and Barca had to go close eventually and in the end it was a totally undeserved equaliser but that's football. Kicks you in the teeth time and time again and rewards you well too. So it's roll on Barca in the final! Let's smash'em in lads - they ain't that fucking good!

Cruise Control for United

Easy 3-1 massacre at the Emirates. Not much more to be said really - well apart from RONALDO - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

All down to Chelsea tonight to beat Barcelona to resurrect visions of last year's final in Moscow. Hopefully with the same outcome!

Anyway now we are waiting for the winners of tonight's game basking in the glory of our efforts or should I say effortless win over Le Arse. I hope Chelsea do it to be honest. I think we will more likely break their blue hearts again! Off down the pub to see tonight's match.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Come on United!

It's the big match tonight folks. Arsenal v Man Utd 2nd leg of the Champions League semi. United go in with a 1 goal advantage so I think as soon as we score 1 goal Arsenal will need 3 to go through. The onus is on Arsenal but United must score on the night because it will be very hard to hold them to a 0-0. Gonna be a helluva night and hopefully the mighty reds will go marching on to Rome for the final yet again.

I saw the Anvil documentary last night and it really is a wonderful film that will appeal to all metalheads and non metalheads also will also get something out of it as can be seen by the widespread rave reviews. The amount of shit thrown at the band this late in their career really is unbelievable and yet they kept coming back again and again, rising like the proverbial phoenix from the flames over and over. Any other sane band would have long disbanded and given up and here they are getting a final chance at the limelight thanks to this film. It really is an emotional journey and makes you feel proud of the mainmen Lips and Rob, especially Lips for persevering in the face of such absolute adversity. It is both very sad and also very very endearing and there are many moments when you feel absolute pity for these two guys. In the end the film ends with a ray of hope for the band but you can't help feeling that it might be yet another false dawn. However things are probably better now for the band than they have been for a long time and they have this film to thank for most of it I would guess. A great film no doubt and worthy of all the accolades and hype being bestowed upon it so far.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

United's title to lose now

A good solid win at Middlesbrough and now United are 6 points ahead with liverpool due to play tomorrow against the dismal Geordies. I'll be amazed if the Geordies can hold on for a draw but you never know what they might pull out, they are that desperate. A further 2 wins and a draw from the remaining 4 games will secure the lads a third title in a row. As Bolt Thrower once said...When Glory Beckons... United we stand!

The 1-0 win over Arsenal in the Champions League semi was a little dissapointing as the tie should be over more or less but we just couldn't put the ball in the onion more than just the one time. Still a battling draw at the Emirates should be enough, if not even a 2-1 defeat will take us through on the away goals rule. Roll on Tuesday and a great night of drama no doubt.

Still busting out Mutant's killer EP on a regular basis. What a fuckin' magic little thrash gem this is. I can barely get over it at the moment. Seeing them yet again in a week's time only a support again but will be great again no doubt. Still got this pretty dodgy cough that I am finding very hard to shake off. The swine's ain't got me yet though!