Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Amazing scenes at the Bridge!

Barca snatched a draw in the 92nd minute and the ref turned down appeals for a penalty just after which resulted in absolute mayhem at the final whistle. Mind you there were two more pretty good shouts for a penalty earlier on in the game which were also turned down obviously. The Chelsea players behaviour at the end was pretty disgraceful especially that mug Drogba. They can only blame themselves. They had Barcelona for the taking tonight and they should have buried them but 1-0 leads are precarious at the best of times and Barca had to go close eventually and in the end it was a totally undeserved equaliser but that's football. Kicks you in the teeth time and time again and rewards you well too. So it's roll on Barca in the final! Let's smash'em in lads - they ain't that fucking good!

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