Friday, 8 May 2009

Still reading from the beastly bible

There is no end to my worship for the new Powerwolf album as stated in an earlier post. No end at all! What a fantastic piece of epic, trouser tenting, over the top anthemic heavy metal it is. Song after song it just never lets up with huge chorus after huge chorus. Resurrection by Erection is definitely my favourite song of the year so far and there are some great contenders from this album alone never mind anything else. That song just amazes me. It's so tongue in cheek with hilariously catchy lyrics and a chorus so over the top that you just can't help but bellow like a prized bull.

Going to the Bonded by Blood thrash gig on sunday with Cauldron and Mutant. Not amazingly excited by it as the original bill had Fueled by Fire and Suicidal Angels which are two great thrash bands, but alas they've been scrapped from the UK tour and replaced by Cauldron and of course the totally amazingly brilliant Mutant. Cauldron doesn't do much for me but Mutant and Bonded by Blood will be cool. I'll keep supporting the thrash underground though I'm sure there won't be too many at that gig but heck it will still be sweaty no doubt. Thrash til death!

Manchester derby on sunday with City aiming to scupper United's title march. We owe them for last season's home debacle so let's hope the lads continue the great form from the Emirates on Tuesday.

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