Sunday, 4 February 2018

First 3 gigs of 2018

Took a long break from gigging activity since last year but that all came to an abrupt end last week with a trio of gigs to break the drought so to speak. One power metal, one thrash and one modern rock. All very different and all fun in different ways.

The first gig of the year was Gloryhammer with support from Civil War and locals Dendera. Dendera as usual provide a great warm up sound. Seen them so many times now they open for literally everyone passing through.

CW have new singer Kelly Sundown Carpenter on show and he did a fine job. Strangely he sounded a lot like old singer NPJ with his inflections and vocal mannerisms. Bay of Pigs was a great song that I recall and there were a few others too and the band comes dressed the part in old military gear.

They were a good warm up act for the hammer and glory to follow. The Islington Academy was rammed all the way to the back for this one and they weren't disappointed either. They played all the new album and plenty from the debut. The songs are a riot and a blur of colour and just plain fun. Everyone loves a good bit of cheese don't they and the 'hammer provide it by the bucket load! Great front man Thomas is too. Fun times and beers for all!

Second gig of the week a few nights later was one I decided to attend on a late decision. I like Dr. Living Dead the Swedish crossover thrash band but their latest album from last year was only merely good, however I like their riffs and ideas and they just seem fun on record so I gave'm a chance live. The mask gimmick is quite cool too as are the stage antics and synchronized, rap/gang stage. Two support bands were listed one was Comaniac and the other one the name escapes me at the moment.

I don't recall the first(this is what happens when you drink and go to a lot of gigs in a short period! The ones that go to gigs a lot will know the feeling lol), but Comaniac played great even though the singer is a bit iffy with his accent but he's also playing cool techy choppy riffs so I forgive him. They were fun and the poorly attended gig enjoyed them anyway. About the attendance well we never reached three figures quite but for thrash it doesn't matter you know. Well to us, maybe the band might be a little pissed hehe!

For Dr. Living Dead the crowd just about reached maybe 80-90 tops but not quite three figures as I said. But boy was it fun. These guys are fucking hilarious plus they have great riffs. The gangster masks and stage banter and grooves were cacthy and they are a funny and cool sight on stage. They must be absolute awash with sweat by the end of their gigs! Their energy was also endless, stomping about the stage especially the little bass player. I enjoyed them far more live than I have on record I must admit. I guess having a beer in your heand and banging your head makes you care a little less about what you're actually hearing. It's all about the mosh and the banging riffage. I'd go and see these guys live again no doubt. Hellish good thrashing fun and a major fun pit with 30-40 lads going at it full pelt.

Finally on a very busy Friday night in Camden Town, I went to see Raveneye who I had first seen last year and been very impressed with. This time they played Dingwalls which is a venue I haven't been in for 10 years and I even remember the gig. Candlemass with Rob Lowe and it was a great gig by the way. Anyway two support bands were listed. One of them was an all girl foursome called The Franklyns who were playing as I walked in. They were not my thing vocally speaking as the lady was hollering away. Typical pub rock IMO.

The second band whom I've never heard but seen the name around was called Skam. These guys were very good and I need to check out their albums properly now I've seen them live. They've got a very enthusiastic and engaging frontman with a very good voice. Their songs are pretty catchy and they know a good riff or two. The main man's voice is what held it altogether so well for me. Remember the name Skam. Good future for these guys as hard rockers.

Dingwalls was absolutely rammed by the time Raveneye got ready. The place was absolutely heaving to capacity of around 500 I'd say. Front man Oli mentioned a couple of times that this is the best and biggest gig that Raveneye has even played and how thankful they were. They've got quite a big following it seems too and have built a very strong fan base for themselves on the back of an ep and a debut album which they played most of if not all. They also played a couple of new tunes which sounded pretty good. I am not a huge fan of the band or anything but some of their tunes are very infectious and their performance as a power rock trio is tremendous and stacked with showmanship and energy.

Al they need now is to work on a new album and make sure it tops their debut.

Well that was an enjoyable week with 3 gigs and a football match at Wembley fitted in as well. Rest next before plenty more gigs on the horizon.