Friday, 14 October 2016

Destruction Live Report

Friday night and another four band bill of thrash. The Underworld was pretty rammed all the way to the back. Destruction always draws big. Their new album kills so all the old school thrash heads turned out. Also helps when the support is decent.

Brazillian chicks Nervosa were up first and got a good response from the early crowd. I must admit I've never liked them on record but they sound pretty potent live and are of course a bit easier on the eye compared to old codger Schmier! Not a bad warm up!

Swedes Enforcer were up next. They are always full on and it was no different this time. Energy levels go through the roof. Very similar to Evil Invaders from the previous gig playing a Maidensque take on metal but at three times the speed! Full Metal Racket!

Main support were Flotsam and Jetsam and they were bloody awesome. They stole the night as far as I was concerned. I love the new album and the new songs sound immense live. Eric AK sounded good though a little low in the mix and I couldn't hear him that well at time. The guitars were absolutely blazing with thunderous riff after thunderous riff executed to perfection. Great performance

Finally the crowd was getting excited for the Teutonic German thrashers and they didn't disappoint. They may only be a trio but they make a perfect triangle of metal as far as I'm concerned. Schmier's vocals are as raspy and acid drenched as ever and the new album songs sounds killer live. People still wanna hear the old classics and they do sound super tight and good. Every one leaves happy and with smiles on their faces at the end. Thrash wins!

Suicidal Angels Live Report

Just a few short words about the gig. Four bands were on the bill. Spaniards Crisix were up first and they were pretty bloody awesome. Jumping mental thrash. Great stage moves by the front man and guitarists and neck ripping thrash. Crowd warmed.

Evil Invaders were manic and crazy! Fast as a bullet Maiden on acid! Very very energetic!

Skull Fist were not as good. The singer had a problem with his voice so some other dude was singing and his voice wasn't so great. A bit disappointing but still fun.

Suicidal Angels were tight beyond belief. They played the new songs at absolute maximum breakneck speed and the moshers work themselves up into a frenzy in front of the stage. They concentrated manly on Division of Blood but also of course some great old songs ending with two of their best in Moshing Crew and Apokathilosis, basically their Reign in Blood. Great night of thrashy, classic old metal!