Wednesday, 29 April 2009

United v Le Arse

After Chelski's boring tactics in yesterday's first semi final with Barcelona which ended in a drab 0-0, I am expecting a far better game tonight at Old Trafford. Arsenal always come to attack and United of course are at home so have to take a lead to the Emirates. I've backed Rooney for the 1st goal and also a 2-0 scoreline.

Just in time for all this swine flu crap I've picked up a cold. I had it last week and managed to get rid of it but now it's come back again somehow. It's down to these blasted piggies! Filthy bastards!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Some Downloads

Not been feeling well all day and didn't sleep well at all last night. Had a horrible sore throat tingle but I guess I'll live. Here are a few downloads for my legions of followers! I upped these for friends here and there so I might as well post the links here.

Mutant - Laserdrome EP. Great new thrash as reported in the Evile gig. By the way I am seeing them yet again on the 10th of May. They are supporting Bonded by Blood and Cauldron at The Purple Turtle which I've just bought a ticket for online. Anyway I've added an extra track to the EP which is Psycho Surgery and well worth it in my eyes. If you download this from here and like it please help the band by going to their shows or buy their EP from their myspace site. It's only for sale at shows at the moment but will probably be for sale later on. Buy the EP, it's worth it! If you like it please post a comment. These guys are just blowing me away at the moment.

Insidious Decrepancy - Tribulation
. A brutal death track from this one man band. Pretty cool track.

Gory Blister - Graveyard of Angels. Melodic and technical death. I love their Art Bleeds album. This is less good but still has some great riffs.

Mama Kin - Higher and Higher. A new melodic rock band from Sweden. This is the only song from their myspace site. It's very catchy and hooky. Try and see.

April Medley - A medley that I made myself. I like doing these they are quite fun. It features some of my current fave tracks segued into one 17 minute song.

Sandstone - Purging the Past. A hard rock band from Northern Ireland. Not bad stuff at all.

Petr Elfimov - Eyes that never lie. This is actually the Belarus entry into the Eurovision song contest next month. This is a plain awesome AOR anthem and deserves to win but it won't alas. Youtube clip here.

False Witness. An old US power metal band. High pitched vocal acrobatics and technical power/thrash metal ala Helstar. Pretty cool all in all.

Denounce - Deep Wood, Shallow Grave. UK melodic death act very much in the At The Gates mould. Great stuff if you ask me. I actually bought this CD from the band on their myspace. If you like it buy it and help them out. It's not too expensive as I recall.

That'll do you for now I guess. If you try something from here please make a comment.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

This team kills me!

2-0 down at Half Time to Spurs looking down and out and what happens? 5 second half goals sends the United faithful into delirium. Unbelievable really. This team always comes back. ALWAYS!

United v Spurs

Off to the pub to see United v Spurs. Should be a good match. It always is against Tottenham. Liverpool look like they are going to beat Hull as expected as they are currently 1 up and Hull are down to ten men. So the pressure will be on us to beat Spurs at home. As I write Liverpool went 2-0 up so that game is sealed. Down to United now to beat Glory Glory Tottenham Wankspurs!! They might scupper our title bid you never know with them. It can go either way with them - they can play excellently or be totally awful - hopefully the latter!

Powerwolf - Bible of the Beast - WOW!

I have a new favourite CD for 2009! I thought it would be very hard to dislodge the Place Vendome disk from the top of my list but I didn't expect a record like this to come my way. This is a phenomenal power metal CD! Bible of the Beast is the third offering from German power crew and easily their best. Lupus Dei was great but the new one has me in raptures literally.

These songs are pure unadulterated metal magic. They pound, they rock, they roll and then some. The vocals from Romanian powerhouse vocalist Attila Dorn are out of this world. The cheese factor is high but who can resist these massive anthems of metal with mammoth sized choral hooks to bellow along with.

This album is really something special. It's even hard to pick out favourites cause I love them all but if I had to I'd go for one it would be Panic in the Pentagram which is basically a homage to Fear of the Dark from Maiden of course. What a crazy over the top manic song that is and there's loads more such as Resurrection by Erection which has me roaring like a grizzly with laughter and pumping my fist(and cock hehe!!), Raise your fist, Evangelist with it's huge chorus. Powerwolf have delivered a pure, metal-soaked adrenalin rush with this disk.

I will play these songs to death over the coming weeks and months I can tell you. This is a fantastic album that will undoubtedly be very hard to beat by year's end, and I would say more or less impossible. Massive hails to the blood worshipping wolves from Germany and the wonderful throaty Romanian vocals of Atilla Dorn. Heavy Metal doesn't get much better than this in my book!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Evile Gig Report

Evile and support came to the Underworld on Thursday night and the place was well and truly rocking and as sweaty as a BO sufferer's Convention on opening night!

First up was a band whose name I didn't catch and still can't tell who they were. They were a crossover band very much in the mould of Suicidal Tendencies. The singer made me laugh with his quips and funny Brummie accent. I think they were from the midlands somewhere cause they were making in house jokes about "this song is for our favourite band from Matlock" or some such! These guys were quite cool and not bad at all for a crossover band. They had some good thrashy riffs going on and the obligatory hardcore bullyboy posturing. They also had plenty of tongue in cheek humour going on with digs at closed minded metalheads etc. Not bad at all guys!

Next were the great new thrash band from right here in London that goes by the name of Mutant. I had already heard the samples of their new 4 track EP and also their previous songs and have also seen them supporting live once before as well. These guys are absolutely phenomenally catchy as a bad rash, rabid thrash metal! The bassist was a funny looking guy and looked far from a metalhead but hey he's up on stage and bashing out metal and here I am only writing about it. I guess he's more metal than me! Any how Mutant did not dissapoint for one nanosecond. The sound was pretty good for these boys to allow their killer hook filled thrash riffing to pummel away until the kids at their front and the oldies at the back got their fill. Stage divers appeared on a regular basis and knocked the mic stand over but this was nothing compared to Evile. Just you wait till you read about that. I bought their Laserdrome EP for a fiver and I am looking forward to playing it a bit later. All I know is these chaps need to get in a studio and make a killer disk...and FAST!

Unfortunately Irish thrash crew Warpath had to pull out of the tour for some reason of which I am not yet aware of and their place was taken by Bristol's Trigger the Bloodshed at two days notice apparently. I must admit I gave TtB's CD a glowing review on Pure Metal and once I found out they would be the main support I was pretty excited to see them live. Alas this was not their night. The sound mix unfortunately turned their brutal lightspeed death metal to an aural cocophany with little clarity. The fact that the guys play so fast and their songs have little in the way of light and shade didn't help matters. They tried hard and gave their all to try to get the crowd going but this crowd was here for thrash and their brand of brutal death just didn't work for me. I still really like their new album and may possibly see them again when they return, but I have a feeling that the Trigger boys are one of those bands that just do not transmit well to the live setting.

Finally it was on to Northern thrashers Evile. The Underworld was pretty full at this stage at around 3/4 or more full. The youngsters had already gone apeshit for Mutant but this was absolutely nothing compared to Evile. The stage was descended upon like locusts by stream upon stream of stage divers and crowd surfers. The mic stand took a battering and the band didn't know were to stand half the time so as not to get hit and to actually play the songs. I must admity I am not a huge fan of Evile on record but they are a good solid band. However in the live setting I was blown away by their performance. The sound mix was perfect for them too, allowing the riffs to crunch away with good clarity and power.

The band played for roughly 75 minutes in total with energy to spare. The guitarist/vocalist commented a number of times about how overwhelmed he was at the response from the crowd. They were literally going berserk for Evile. The songs themselves are not anything out of the ordinary themselves but are infused with this genuine uncontrollable need for a good head bang or mosh which is hard to resist even for a hairless idiot like me! They also debuted a couple of new songs which fitted in nicely among their first album although I must admit I didn't hear any major progress just more of the same.

Thrash was king last night at the Underworld and the token death metal band failed to prosper in the end. I look forward to seeing both Mutant and Evile again especially Mutant - what a great young band. Both bands should also make a full length album hopefully, especially the London thrash boys of Mutant. They really know how to tear it up!

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Well that was an utterly shit match and performance. Lost on pens 4-2. Didn't really deserve to win though there was a stonewall penalty not given which in the end cost us dear. Anyway United were pure shite, Everton weren't much better in what was a horrible match. So no quintuple for United this year and that's the way the cookie crumbles. Just have to make sure we wipe up the League and make a great fist of the Champions League. Easier said than done!

FA Cup Semi

So Chelsea finally overcame Arsenal 2-1 despite falling a goal behind. Their superior strength shone through and they made progress to return to Wembley in a month's time for the final. Today it's our turn against Everton and hopefully we will make sure that we get past the Toffees and return to do battle with Chelsea once again. Kick off is in 2 hours and it's a glorious day - actually not that conducive to great football as the pitch will be dry and bobbly.

On the metal front i read that finally Rock'n'Rolf has decided to disband Running Wild after a final live appearance at the Wacken festival. It's a pretty sad day indeed as RW have been one of my favourite power metal bands ever since I first heard them. I was not into them until The Rivalry album which was my gateway into the seafaring pirate metal of Rolf and crew. Alas it seems the mainbrace has been hoisted for the final time as Rolf feels it's time to abandon the good ship RW before it sinks down to Davy Jones' Locker! Thank you for the great albums which I will continue to play and cherish. It's a shame I will never see them live but the chances of that would have been slim as Rolf never hardly toured outside of a select few countries anyway. I raise a mug o' rum to ya Cap'n Rolf! Bon Voyage!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Rock Revival

Rock music is massive these days. AC/DC just played the O2 and have another show at Wembley later on in the summer. There are a whole host of bands upcoming bands playing rock music of the old school persuasion - in fact far too many to even name. Even on the very underground scene the return of rock music is unprecedented. I guess we have The Darkness to thank for that or as some would say (sarcasm mode on) "Yeah Thanks!" They started it all and now they are gone but they brought rock to the mainstream and there it's stayed. Although rock dinosaurs never really went away, they weren't in the public eye but now they are fully in the limelight and then some.

I am in two minds regarding this revival. One part of me sees it as a great thing and then sometimes I can see that over saturation is just round the corner and it will all implode again. Still I think in the end the comeback has been a long time coming. It's better to ROCK than not to ROCK!

A line on the new Debauchery disk really makes me laugh and brings it home. It's on the song "3 Riff Hit" which is basically a homage to AC/DC and Accept. The line in question goes as follows:

"I don't need no progressive shit!
All I need is a 3 riff hit!"

Makes me chuckle that line. They're right too - sometimes too much prog fused music loses the essence about what makes rock and metal music so great. AC/DC and many other bands have made a career out of a 3 riff hit and it works perfectly. Sure sometimes a complex song is great but in the end music has to take you to a simple aural high and what better than a simple rocking riff. Can't beat that can you!

On the football front, it's FA Cup semi-final weekend. Arsenal v Chelsea later on today should be an epic and then United v Everton tomorrow should also be a hum dinger. We shall see how it goes. I have a feeling Arsenal may get past Chelsea somehow and if we beat Everton tomorrow, we will have 4 massive battles with Le Arse in the coming weeks!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Next gig lined up.

Well finally I had to break April's gig drought so I bought a ticket for the 3 billed thrash gig at the Underworld in a week's time. The headline for this event will be Evile with support from Warpath and Mutant. All 3 bands are very good and from what I've heard Mutant is even the best of the three. On the same night Saxon is playing with Doro but I think I made the right choice. Thrash sells...and I'm buying!

Finally United sneaked past Porto 1-0 in the away leg of the Champions League quarter final. And what a goal it was that won it. A near 40 yard screamer from Ronaldo that had the wizzed past the keeper before he's barely moved. The previous night Alex from Chelsea hit an unstoppable pile driver but Ronaldo's goal was even more amazing. Worthy of winning the game even though United had to hold on at times and the second goal would have given us breathing space, but thankfully we made it anyway. Next up is Arsenal. We actually have 3 games including the league match at Old Trafford.

This weekend sees the semi-finals of the FA cup and if Arsenal beat Chelsea and United beat Everton we could even end up playing them in the final of that competition as well. I hope they beat Chelsea and we do the business against Everton and then we will have 4 massive games against them. Great end to the season for all football fans with so many high profile games to come.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter over

Well 4 days of pure unadulterated dossing must come to an end. All too soon I may add. Now it's time to doss for 4 days at work!

United in Porto on Wednesday looking to get any kind of win to progress to the semis. Although a 2-2 guarantess extra time and a 3-3 and progress, however I think it's fair to say that United will just have to win the game as 2-2 and 3-3 are highly unlikely. I must admit that I am not hopeful of a win but you never can tell with this team can you.

I missed the Pestilence gig at the Underworld. I just couldn't be bothered in the end. There are no other gigs on the horizon apart from a possible thrash triple bill with Evile, Warpath and Mutant also at the Underworld in a couple of weeks. I managed to sell 3 few CDs on ebay but with very small bids so no major profits to be had, which was a bit dissapointing.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Boy Wonder to the rescue

Kiko Macheda does it again! The Italian boy wonder struck a winner against Sunderland to rescue us again. Phew! 2-1 is not a great result in terms of scoreline but it is a massive result in terms of the title race. Just about keeping ahead of Liverpool was imperative and it was just about achieved. All praise Allah the merciful!! Some crazy games today with goals galore. Lost £40 today gambling. Pretty shit results and I had almost got some money back as I needed Arsenal to stay 2-1. What happens? They score 2 not even 1 injury time goal to scupper that bet. Lameness personified.

Roll on the return leg against Porto on Wednesday where we must win to go through to the semis. We might nick it but we have to play loads and loads better in order to do so.

Blackburn smashed

Liverpool tonked them 4-0. So much for Blackburn holding them. The goal difference is looking good for them as well now so we need to beat Sunderland and hopefully score 3 goals or so but i'll take any win. Anything other than a win will be a disaster more or less and doesn't bare thinking. COME ON!

Egg Hunting?

Well good Christian folk go a hunting for Easter eggs today. Alas not being that way inclined myself, I will have to leave the hunting to good Christian folk. There's a ton of places with 'hunts' happening across London. I guess it must be fun if you're a kid.

I am just settling into the second day of four days off. Play some music and sort out a few lines on the old footie coupon and that's about it.

Yesterday I played the long awaited new Heaven and Hell album with the Dio fronted line up of Black Sabbath. It's definitely a solid album and has some great moments but I am not massively excited as of yet. I found it quite hard going and the melodies were not immediately hitting me in the face. Of course I need to play a few more times to let the songs sink in but I sure wasn't overwhelmed and I doubt I ever will be. The album reminds me more of latter day Dio material which I am not such a fan of to be honest. Very dark and mysterious stuff with an air of doom pervading throughout. Time will tell if it will improve....

United play Sunderland today and a win is imperative! Anything else and the alarm bells will be ringing like there's no tomorrow. Just maybe, just maybe Blackburn can somehow hold the Scousers in the 12.45 lunch time kick off but I won't be holding my breath. If they did, we would get a huge boost going into the Sunderland game a bit later. Mind you that can work both ways if Liverpool tonk them as expected and pile some pressure on United to get the win at the Stadium of Light. Should be an exciting day and even Chelsea can't really be discounted yet if the top 2 slip up and let them in through the back door.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

No crappy work thankfully. Relax a little and play a few tunes and stuff my fat face as usual. Nothing changes much. Still haven't decided whether to go to Pestilence on Sunday. Might be fun to go and check the Dutch death metal legends. I am starting to get into their comeback disk a fair bit. There are some slamming grooves and neck snapping rhythms to be found in there.

I am still constantly playing the Loudlion mp3s that I have. I just can't get over how cool this band sounds and the exactness of the homage they are paying to Def Leppard. The guitars are a perfect Faximile of Leppard but most of all it's the vocals which ape Joe Elliot so closely that it just makes you marvel!

Loudlion Myspace

Another band I came across just yesterday is this band called Mama Kin. Only the one track on their page but it's a killer melodic rock track with a soaring chorus. I look forward to these guys putting a great melodic album out.

Mama Kin Myspace

I stand at 26 albums for 2009 with regard to albums I consider favourites of mine. I like some other albums as well but the 26 have made it to my hallowed "Faves Folder". Well done to all the bands that made it there. Latest additions are Candlemass with their latest offering of doomy madness, "Death Magic Doom", Fairyland's "A Score to a New Beginning" which is the most OTT symphonic power metal disk of the year so far, Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles - A raging full on widescreen death metal whirlwind with monstrous production. I will post the full list soon when I have tidied it up a bit and made a few more additions.

Looking forward to lending an ear to the new Bloodbound disk with Urban Breed back on vocals. The lead track excited me no doubt. On the betting front my Hills account balance finally reached zero. I have seen the balance go up and down like a whore's drawers the last couple of months. Finally I have nailed it down to the big fat ZERO. Last night I had a crappy pound on Hamburg to beat Man City 3-1 whilst all my bigger bets lost. Typical - always win with the smaller stakes.

Champions League week first legs were interesting to say the least. United threw away a 2-1 lead against Porto with an 89th minute equaliser to make it 2-2. Mind you this was a totally fair result as Porto were excellent however that goal after taking the lead only 4 minutes earlier could turn out to be a disaster. Must admit that I enjoyed Chelsea's 3-1 win at Anfield. I had actually put a bet on 2-1 to Chelsea which lost but Loserpool were getting a bit too full of themselves lately and needed to be brought down a peg or two. United couldn't do it but at least Chelsea did and they should have actually scored more. The second leg looks a bit of a formality for them but much harder for United. Have to go to Porto and win - something no English club has ever been able to achieve as of yet. Doesn't look too good for us but we've pulled out results from worse situations in the past. More importantly we must smash Sunderland on Saturday in the League. MUST!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

United Comatose

Back down to earth with a massive bump! 2-2 at home to Porto in the first leg is a bit of a disaster really. Porto pretty much outplayed United all the way apart from a couple of spells. It looked like we were going to escape with a narrow 2-1 win with an 85th minute winner but we can't defend for toffee at the moment. Another simple attack and poor defending at the back and some gringo equalised at the back post. Got a bit of our own medicine after seemingly nicking another late winner only to be pegged back this time and deservedly so as Porto were the better side by miles in the first half.

United have to go to Porto and win now. A task which no English club has apparently ever achieved. Oh well there's always a first. Quintuple hanging by a mere thread at the moment though.

On the gig front, I might go and see Pestilence this coming sunday seeing as I like their new album a fair bit indeed. Plus they are pretty much a classic death metal band with a long history although I've never actually been a fan and don't own any of their albums.

On a completely different note a friend sent me this Mom's Song from Youtube. It's pretty hilarious!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Holy Shit...United back from the dead!

I am literally speechless. United were dead and buried and on our way to a 3rd straight league defeat but somehow, somehow we have pulled this one out of the fire! Unbelievable last 10 minutes. 2-1 down to the Villa with 10 minutes to go and Ronaldo squeezes in the equaliser and it's left to a young boy by the name of Federico Macheda to curl in an amazing injury time winner. Queue absolute bedlam at Old Trafford!

Hey you Scousers. Are you watching? We're still fighting for this damn title!

The Man From Earth

What kind of freaky film is this? I watched this online last night and sat riveted for 90 minutes or so. Nothing happens in this film. It's all based on dialog and that's it. Some people will get absolutely nothing out of this but I guess if you are a certain age when you don't need constant action then this film most likely blow you away. It's classed as a Sci-Fi film but there's not much of that going on really. I guess people should just watch it and be prepared for some difficult dialog so follow intently.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Won by 100/1 shot Mon Mome. I've actually backed this horse in other races but alas not today. State of Play came 4th which is not too bad and I get a few pennies back. My horse ran his heart out and had a chance jumping the last but ran out of steam. Mon Mome equals the biggest ever priced winner ever. I'm sure a few grannies backed it!

Grand National

Picked 3 horses:

1st - State of Play

2nd - Parsons Legacy

3rd - Kilbeggan Blade

Backed each of them a single E/W and a combination forecast. We'll see how it goes in 15 minutes. Good luck to my horses and bad luck to all the others! It's a pure lottery this race but everyone has a go and it's a fun spectacle indeed.

No gig today

Going to give the British Steel Fest a miss this time. I just don't feel like going to that show. Probably will be cool but I can live without it.

Today is Grand National day. I will pick 2 horses and watch them lose. Can you believe last year I got the first 4 horses home? It was a miracle. If I had done the tricast I could have made a mint but alas I only backed them individually and didn't really win much money. I haven't decided which horses to back this year but I always look for something around the 16-20/1 range for a bit of value at a decent price.

I wasn't sure about the new Pestilence disk at first but it has grown on me like a bad rash. That's some intense death metal with lashings of groovy goodness all over the place on offer. It starts to get a little boring towards the end but about 5-6 of the songs are nailing it to me in a big way. Horror Detox in particular sends me into a frenzy of air guitar with it's awesome repeated chorus line and driving riffs.

Played the new Old Man's Child disk and once again Galder does good business. Melodic and dark with very sophisticated riffs. The only thing is some of the more melodic riffing of the past is missing replaced by darker sonics and more brooding intimidating atmospherics. I look forward to many more plays before I can make a firmer judgement, but it's good to have OMC back, they have always been my one and only favourite black metal band as I don't really like the style at all to be honest.

Friday, 3 April 2009


Here's a new medley to get spring under way featuring some of my fave current tunes. I think it's pretty good though I would say that wouldn't I! They are fun to make and fun to listen to as well. Hopefully the gazillions of visitors to my blog will download and learn about great music. :-)

now blasting: My own medley

Check it out and post a comment. Go on I dare ya!

Medley Download

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ebay Auctions

Some shit for sale. If you pass by this blog please take a look just in case.

Here's a list of CD and DVD purchases I've made this year.

Dark Moor - Autumnal
Ignominious Incarceration - Of Winter Born
Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave
Place Vendome -Streets of Fire
Wolf - Ravenous
Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night
Tim Feehan - Full Contact
Final Frontier - High Tension Wire
Journey - Trial by Fire (already sold on!)
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway
Creed - Human Clay
Brian McDonald - Wind it Up

Manowar - Magic Circle festival Vol 1 2DVD set
Iron Maiden - Death on the Road 3DVD set

I am still on the hunt for all my faves from this year plus always on the look out for some bargains from days gone by.

Here is a list of my favourite CDs from this year. All sorts of styles mixed as per usual. The ones in green are absolute cert buys in future days. Others are possible but not priority. Some of have been bought already as listed above and in red below. As usual a great year for music for me although it will have to go some more to beat last year which was one of the best years of music ever although I'm sure many people will disagree.

Astra - From Within
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom
Coldspell - Infinite Stargaze
Dark Moor - Autumnal
Delain - April Rain
DGM - FrAme
Domain - The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow
Evil Masquerade - Fade to Black
Free Spirit - Pale Sister of Light
Hammerfall -No Scarifice, No Victory
Hardline - Leaving the end Open
Ignominious Incarceration - Of Winter Born
Impellitteri - Wicked Maiden
Masterstroke - As Days Grow Darker
Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave
Obscura - Cosmogenesis
Pestilence - Resurrection Macabre
Place Vendome - Streets of Fire
Places of Power - Now is the Hour
Tardy Brothers - Bloodline
Wizard - Thor
Wolf - Ravenous