Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

No crappy work thankfully. Relax a little and play a few tunes and stuff my fat face as usual. Nothing changes much. Still haven't decided whether to go to Pestilence on Sunday. Might be fun to go and check the Dutch death metal legends. I am starting to get into their comeback disk a fair bit. There are some slamming grooves and neck snapping rhythms to be found in there.

I am still constantly playing the Loudlion mp3s that I have. I just can't get over how cool this band sounds and the exactness of the homage they are paying to Def Leppard. The guitars are a perfect Faximile of Leppard but most of all it's the vocals which ape Joe Elliot so closely that it just makes you marvel!

Loudlion Myspace

Another band I came across just yesterday is this band called Mama Kin. Only the one track on their page but it's a killer melodic rock track with a soaring chorus. I look forward to these guys putting a great melodic album out.

Mama Kin Myspace

I stand at 26 albums for 2009 with regard to albums I consider favourites of mine. I like some other albums as well but the 26 have made it to my hallowed "Faves Folder". Well done to all the bands that made it there. Latest additions are Candlemass with their latest offering of doomy madness, "Death Magic Doom", Fairyland's "A Score to a New Beginning" which is the most OTT symphonic power metal disk of the year so far, Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles - A raging full on widescreen death metal whirlwind with monstrous production. I will post the full list soon when I have tidied it up a bit and made a few more additions.

Looking forward to lending an ear to the new Bloodbound disk with Urban Breed back on vocals. The lead track excited me no doubt. On the betting front my Hills account balance finally reached zero. I have seen the balance go up and down like a whore's drawers the last couple of months. Finally I have nailed it down to the big fat ZERO. Last night I had a crappy pound on Hamburg to beat Man City 3-1 whilst all my bigger bets lost. Typical - always win with the smaller stakes.

Champions League week first legs were interesting to say the least. United threw away a 2-1 lead against Porto with an 89th minute equaliser to make it 2-2. Mind you this was a totally fair result as Porto were excellent however that goal after taking the lead only 4 minutes earlier could turn out to be a disaster. Must admit that I enjoyed Chelsea's 3-1 win at Anfield. I had actually put a bet on 2-1 to Chelsea which lost but Loserpool were getting a bit too full of themselves lately and needed to be brought down a peg or two. United couldn't do it but at least Chelsea did and they should have actually scored more. The second leg looks a bit of a formality for them but much harder for United. Have to go to Porto and win - something no English club has ever been able to achieve as of yet. Doesn't look too good for us but we've pulled out results from worse situations in the past. More importantly we must smash Sunderland on Saturday in the League. MUST!!

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