Saturday, 18 April 2009

Rock Revival

Rock music is massive these days. AC/DC just played the O2 and have another show at Wembley later on in the summer. There are a whole host of bands upcoming bands playing rock music of the old school persuasion - in fact far too many to even name. Even on the very underground scene the return of rock music is unprecedented. I guess we have The Darkness to thank for that or as some would say (sarcasm mode on) "Yeah Thanks!" They started it all and now they are gone but they brought rock to the mainstream and there it's stayed. Although rock dinosaurs never really went away, they weren't in the public eye but now they are fully in the limelight and then some.

I am in two minds regarding this revival. One part of me sees it as a great thing and then sometimes I can see that over saturation is just round the corner and it will all implode again. Still I think in the end the comeback has been a long time coming. It's better to ROCK than not to ROCK!

A line on the new Debauchery disk really makes me laugh and brings it home. It's on the song "3 Riff Hit" which is basically a homage to AC/DC and Accept. The line in question goes as follows:

"I don't need no progressive shit!
All I need is a 3 riff hit!"

Makes me chuckle that line. They're right too - sometimes too much prog fused music loses the essence about what makes rock and metal music so great. AC/DC and many other bands have made a career out of a 3 riff hit and it works perfectly. Sure sometimes a complex song is great but in the end music has to take you to a simple aural high and what better than a simple rocking riff. Can't beat that can you!

On the football front, it's FA Cup semi-final weekend. Arsenal v Chelsea later on today should be an epic and then United v Everton tomorrow should also be a hum dinger. We shall see how it goes. I have a feeling Arsenal may get past Chelsea somehow and if we beat Everton tomorrow, we will have 4 massive battles with Le Arse in the coming weeks!

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