Saturday, 25 April 2009

Powerwolf - Bible of the Beast - WOW!

I have a new favourite CD for 2009! I thought it would be very hard to dislodge the Place Vendome disk from the top of my list but I didn't expect a record like this to come my way. This is a phenomenal power metal CD! Bible of the Beast is the third offering from German power crew and easily their best. Lupus Dei was great but the new one has me in raptures literally.

These songs are pure unadulterated metal magic. They pound, they rock, they roll and then some. The vocals from Romanian powerhouse vocalist Attila Dorn are out of this world. The cheese factor is high but who can resist these massive anthems of metal with mammoth sized choral hooks to bellow along with.

This album is really something special. It's even hard to pick out favourites cause I love them all but if I had to I'd go for one it would be Panic in the Pentagram which is basically a homage to Fear of the Dark from Maiden of course. What a crazy over the top manic song that is and there's loads more such as Resurrection by Erection which has me roaring like a grizzly with laughter and pumping my fist(and cock hehe!!), Raise your fist, Evangelist with it's huge chorus. Powerwolf have delivered a pure, metal-soaked adrenalin rush with this disk.

I will play these songs to death over the coming weeks and months I can tell you. This is a fantastic album that will undoubtedly be very hard to beat by year's end, and I would say more or less impossible. Massive hails to the blood worshipping wolves from Germany and the wonderful throaty Romanian vocals of Atilla Dorn. Heavy Metal doesn't get much better than this in my book!

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