Saturday, 4 April 2009

No gig today

Going to give the British Steel Fest a miss this time. I just don't feel like going to that show. Probably will be cool but I can live without it.

Today is Grand National day. I will pick 2 horses and watch them lose. Can you believe last year I got the first 4 horses home? It was a miracle. If I had done the tricast I could have made a mint but alas I only backed them individually and didn't really win much money. I haven't decided which horses to back this year but I always look for something around the 16-20/1 range for a bit of value at a decent price.

I wasn't sure about the new Pestilence disk at first but it has grown on me like a bad rash. That's some intense death metal with lashings of groovy goodness all over the place on offer. It starts to get a little boring towards the end but about 5-6 of the songs are nailing it to me in a big way. Horror Detox in particular sends me into a frenzy of air guitar with it's awesome repeated chorus line and driving riffs.

Played the new Old Man's Child disk and once again Galder does good business. Melodic and dark with very sophisticated riffs. The only thing is some of the more melodic riffing of the past is missing replaced by darker sonics and more brooding intimidating atmospherics. I look forward to many more plays before I can make a firmer judgement, but it's good to have OMC back, they have always been my one and only favourite black metal band as I don't really like the style at all to be honest.

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