Thursday, 29 November 2007

Collapsar - Integers

One final hurrah for instrumental tech metal fans in 2007!

So 2007 has been the year of the non-vocal metal extravaganza with quite a few bands flexing their fingers and letting rip on the old fretboard.

Finally it's the turn of Collapsar to have a go at trying to gain John Frank's affections.

Whether they manage to do it is open for debate on first listen. First thing to say is that the sound seems a bit flat and not overly heavy. THough I would definitely say this is metal.But I'm quite picky with sound, I'm sure it will be good enough for others.

Can I say the song titles sound like stuff that Behold..the Arctopus would come out with or even Dillinger. There is also a hint of dissonance or math type jarring riffing and sounds at times. This doesn't please me so being a non fan of that sound. However this is juxtaposed by the full on technical metal riffing which whilst still tech doesn't forget to add groove. This enables the music to 'rock' more.

However I would say the band isn't really melodic at all. They are off-kilter riff merchants with spicy, groovalicious raw tech riffing. I personally prefer more melodic music, hence my liking of Scale the Summit so much. This will appeal to people who like harder edged and slightly wackier off the wall music.

There is 60 minutes worth of music here spread out over 6 songs with the shortest at 5.35 and the longest at 18.52.

This is gonna be hard to sit all the way through I would think even for the most instrumental technophile people out there. But sit throught it they no doubt will.

The music is dense and non-stop thrust and change with some interesting riff patterns that never let up. There is a hint of Meshuggah, but its much faster in the main and more challenging. There are quieter ambient sections added to which are actually a welcome relief when they arrive to break up the crazy riffage.

In fact challenging is a great way to describe this music. It's complex and sometimes bizarre and other times mind altering and then mind numbing within a few bars. Its also quite hypnotic at times and you feel like you are being put into a trance with non-stop repeating patterns. Dare I say it, it can get a touch boring so to speak if you let, but if you concentrate you might get a little more out of it.

This is an album which will definitely test the patience of a saint by the end and I'm not sure how much pleasure the listener will get from long term exposure to music like this but there is so much to take in that repeated plays will be mandatory.

All I can is fasten your seat belts and practice your algebra cause this shit is way mathematical!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Within Temptation at Brixton Academy

So I can cross Within Temptation off of my bands I've never seen list.

The support was The 69 Eyes. They sound like HIM mixed with Sisters of Mercy or The Mission. Melodic heavy goth if you like. The funny thing is the look like an odd bunch with two members being more punk than anything else with great big mohicans.These guys were ok. It's not really my cuppa. The singer had a nice low voice though.

Soon it was time for Sharon and co to take to the stage. The sound was excellent for a change. Crisp and heavy as lead and not too loud. Sharon had a red corsetted outfit on with a bouffant type skirt which she pulled off after the first couple of numbers to reveal her mini. To be honest Sharon was singing great. I wasn't expecting her to sound as good as she does on the records, but she proved me wrong. The rest of the guys were tight too. I can't say I know or like all the Within temptation material but heck it was fun and it only cost me 99p after all so who the hell am I to complain eh! I should thank my lucky stars I got a ticket that cheap!

They played for nearly one and three-quarter hours in the end which was quite a long set. But I guess with only one support they had the time to increase their set length. The crowd loved Sharon of course and the band thanked the Brixton audience quite a bit indeed, and seemed pretty chuffed at the loud applause and cheers for them at the end.

A nice and relaxed metal show!

Here is a short video clip from What have You Done.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Glampower to the MAX!

Just check that photo!

I came across these Norwegian glam overlords totally by accident whilst searching for some new metal a few months ago. I can't actually recall how I came across it, but as soon as I had read the name, a huge grin had formed across my lips!

Lipstick Liontigers? Are these guys for real? Is that name actually possible? LOL! What a name to conjure up the worst of the worst possible 80s glam band! God knows what possessed me to continue onwards into their site but I think it was just sheer curiosity on my part. I was ready to laugh my headoff, curse them for wasting my time and be on my way! Alas they captured me and held me prisoner in their dungeon of glitter and gold!

So I went looking for song samples and what I didn't expect to see was both their albums available for free download. They have now taken them down so these are very rare and hard to find. These guys are totally amazing and when I first head them i could hardly believe my ears! They are not really all that glam at all. Well sometimes they can be pretty fruity and obnoxious sounding but mostly they sound like old Maiden jamming with say Poison or something! They have really awesome catchy melodies, like you won't believe. I was left open-jawed when I first heard them. The singer doesn't sing glam and has a really nice voice. If only the sound quality was better than demo level on the mp3s - but its still more than passable for a demo anyway. I am putting up two different albums for you. Both are really worth a listen as they have some really good tunes amongst them. Very uber cheesy but also very damn catchy!

An EP called Who needs DJs anyway? and a demo album called With the Forces of Power and Glitter and Glamour of Rock. Don't miss out on these underground gems. A big kissy kiss kiss for the Lipstick Liontigers!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Speaking of live shows...

I was just now looking up the gig guide and I saw Megadeth gigs advertised for next year. Holy crap I thought, must be a miss print! I missed the last Mega gigs cause I never heard about the gigs and they sold out pretty quick in the summer just gone. Suffice to say I have just bought my ticket right this second. Can't believe they are coming back so soon. Amazing! - and I look forward seeing the 'deth once again.

I just hope they pick a decent support. Apparently the Danish leg will have Volbeat. I hope that they also come here too but I doubt it. Volbeat would be really great to see. Both their albums are rock-and-roll-alicious!

Live shows...

I wish I was going to see Brocas Helm tonight in Athens. Brocas is true cult metal mastery. It's a shame they are not more popular amongst the metal brethren. Fortunately I have seen them once at least, a couple of years ago now. Still to have seen them again tonight would have been glorious! Hail to the Mighty Brocas!

On another note I won an auction for a Within Temptation ticket for this Tuesday's gig at the Brixton Academy. Guess how much for? 99p!!!! Ok it was only a seat ticket but for 99p and postage I'll go see Sharon and co. I like them. Not a lot but hey they are quite a nice band. I want to see what kind of show they put on live and how much of a stage show they have now. I'm expecting quite a theatrical performance from them. To play Brixton Academy is quite big for them really. They are seriously moving up in the world and catching up with the Nightwish's of the goth metal world. Gig report will follow in due course.

Friday, 23 November 2007

After all Israel did for England....

...they go and throw it all away against an already qualified Croatia. Football is a strange game that never surprises me in the least. Just when you think something surely cannot happen, it happens and then some.

To be honest with you, I wanted England not to qualify for Euro 2008. I have never been able to feel real pride or joy from English victories. Obviously this comes from not being actually English! I was hoping Croatia would do it. England players play football in the comfort zone too much for my liking. It never seems to mean too much to them. They talk a great game beforehand and always fail to back it up with passionate performances on the pitch. Yes they have good performances here and there but the next England disaster is normally just round the corner. This qualifying campaign for Euro 2008 has been littered with bad performances.

England didn't really deserve to qualify but I must admit I was totally surprised with how Croatia approached what was a meaningless game for them. They played with a great deal of skill and style, showing England how to play one touch football at a fast pace that caused no end of problems for the English defence. I can see why they played so good though. When you have already qualified, the pressure is lifted from your shoulders and mistakes matter less. You can express yourself more freely without the sense that your errors will cost the team dear. This is exactly how the Croats played.

And so it proved, with the Croats turning in one of the best performances from an away International side in recent times. Of course the manager got the sack the next morning. That was inevitable and he knew it himself though he did have the temerity not to resign, insisting that he would never walk away from a job. You can read that as being, I want my severance payment before I'm going!

Anyway, so next summer's European championships will be played without England. It just doesn't seem right. I know I said I wasn't fussed about whether England qualified or not, but when you really think about it, it just seems strange that the nation that invented the sport cannot play it too good at the moment. Oh Well, International football has never meant all that much to me anyway..roll on the Premiership.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Pirage's Metalopolis finally arrives!!

Welcome to my little old place on the web!

This is my first foray into the realms of webloggery and I hope to make a good job of it! I am such an opinionated so and so with a huge ego to match which often gets me into trouble on my other internet hangouts.

I will use this place to primarily talk about my neverending interest in heavy metal music, however I shall also pontificate and vent on whatever else takes my fancy. I may step on a few toes or I may not, who knows, but I always try to entertain my public with my undoubted hilarious wit and totally deadpan humour!

Stay tuned for more folks...I know youve bookmarked this place already. You know it makes sense!

Stay True!