Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Within Temptation at Brixton Academy

So I can cross Within Temptation off of my bands I've never seen list.

The support was The 69 Eyes. They sound like HIM mixed with Sisters of Mercy or The Mission. Melodic heavy goth if you like. The funny thing is the look like an odd bunch with two members being more punk than anything else with great big mohicans.These guys were ok. It's not really my cuppa. The singer had a nice low voice though.

Soon it was time for Sharon and co to take to the stage. The sound was excellent for a change. Crisp and heavy as lead and not too loud. Sharon had a red corsetted outfit on with a bouffant type skirt which she pulled off after the first couple of numbers to reveal her mini. To be honest Sharon was singing great. I wasn't expecting her to sound as good as she does on the records, but she proved me wrong. The rest of the guys were tight too. I can't say I know or like all the Within temptation material but heck it was fun and it only cost me 99p after all so who the hell am I to complain eh! I should thank my lucky stars I got a ticket that cheap!

They played for nearly one and three-quarter hours in the end which was quite a long set. But I guess with only one support they had the time to increase their set length. The crowd loved Sharon of course and the band thanked the Brixton audience quite a bit indeed, and seemed pretty chuffed at the loud applause and cheers for them at the end.

A nice and relaxed metal show!

Here is a short video clip from What have You Done.

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ki said...

DUDE i was at that consert was fucking awsum....i would love to see em again....the 69 eyes were pritty good....and yes....the crowed loved shannon to was an amazing consert.