Monday, 26 November 2007

Glampower to the MAX!

Just check that photo!

I came across these Norwegian glam overlords totally by accident whilst searching for some new metal a few months ago. I can't actually recall how I came across it, but as soon as I had read the name, a huge grin had formed across my lips!

Lipstick Liontigers? Are these guys for real? Is that name actually possible? LOL! What a name to conjure up the worst of the worst possible 80s glam band! God knows what possessed me to continue onwards into their site but I think it was just sheer curiosity on my part. I was ready to laugh my headoff, curse them for wasting my time and be on my way! Alas they captured me and held me prisoner in their dungeon of glitter and gold!

So I went looking for song samples and what I didn't expect to see was both their albums available for free download. They have now taken them down so these are very rare and hard to find. These guys are totally amazing and when I first head them i could hardly believe my ears! They are not really all that glam at all. Well sometimes they can be pretty fruity and obnoxious sounding but mostly they sound like old Maiden jamming with say Poison or something! They have really awesome catchy melodies, like you won't believe. I was left open-jawed when I first heard them. The singer doesn't sing glam and has a really nice voice. If only the sound quality was better than demo level on the mp3s - but its still more than passable for a demo anyway. I am putting up two different albums for you. Both are really worth a listen as they have some really good tunes amongst them. Very uber cheesy but also very damn catchy!

An EP called Who needs DJs anyway? and a demo album called With the Forces of Power and Glitter and Glamour of Rock. Don't miss out on these underground gems. A big kissy kiss kiss for the Lipstick Liontigers!

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