Thursday, 29 November 2007

Collapsar - Integers

One final hurrah for instrumental tech metal fans in 2007!

So 2007 has been the year of the non-vocal metal extravaganza with quite a few bands flexing their fingers and letting rip on the old fretboard.

Finally it's the turn of Collapsar to have a go at trying to gain John Frank's affections.

Whether they manage to do it is open for debate on first listen. First thing to say is that the sound seems a bit flat and not overly heavy. THough I would definitely say this is metal.But I'm quite picky with sound, I'm sure it will be good enough for others.

Can I say the song titles sound like stuff that Behold..the Arctopus would come out with or even Dillinger. There is also a hint of dissonance or math type jarring riffing and sounds at times. This doesn't please me so being a non fan of that sound. However this is juxtaposed by the full on technical metal riffing which whilst still tech doesn't forget to add groove. This enables the music to 'rock' more.

However I would say the band isn't really melodic at all. They are off-kilter riff merchants with spicy, groovalicious raw tech riffing. I personally prefer more melodic music, hence my liking of Scale the Summit so much. This will appeal to people who like harder edged and slightly wackier off the wall music.

There is 60 minutes worth of music here spread out over 6 songs with the shortest at 5.35 and the longest at 18.52.

This is gonna be hard to sit all the way through I would think even for the most instrumental technophile people out there. But sit throught it they no doubt will.

The music is dense and non-stop thrust and change with some interesting riff patterns that never let up. There is a hint of Meshuggah, but its much faster in the main and more challenging. There are quieter ambient sections added to which are actually a welcome relief when they arrive to break up the crazy riffage.

In fact challenging is a great way to describe this music. It's complex and sometimes bizarre and other times mind altering and then mind numbing within a few bars. Its also quite hypnotic at times and you feel like you are being put into a trance with non-stop repeating patterns. Dare I say it, it can get a touch boring so to speak if you let, but if you concentrate you might get a little more out of it.

This is an album which will definitely test the patience of a saint by the end and I'm not sure how much pleasure the listener will get from long term exposure to music like this but there is so much to take in that repeated plays will be mandatory.

All I can is fasten your seat belts and practice your algebra cause this shit is way mathematical!

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