Sunday, 25 November 2007

Live shows...

I wish I was going to see Brocas Helm tonight in Athens. Brocas is true cult metal mastery. It's a shame they are not more popular amongst the metal brethren. Fortunately I have seen them once at least, a couple of years ago now. Still to have seen them again tonight would have been glorious! Hail to the Mighty Brocas!

On another note I won an auction for a Within Temptation ticket for this Tuesday's gig at the Brixton Academy. Guess how much for? 99p!!!! Ok it was only a seat ticket but for 99p and postage I'll go see Sharon and co. I like them. Not a lot but hey they are quite a nice band. I want to see what kind of show they put on live and how much of a stage show they have now. I'm expecting quite a theatrical performance from them. To play Brixton Academy is quite big for them really. They are seriously moving up in the world and catching up with the Nightwish's of the goth metal world. Gig report will follow in due course.

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