Sunday, 26 April 2009

Some Downloads

Not been feeling well all day and didn't sleep well at all last night. Had a horrible sore throat tingle but I guess I'll live. Here are a few downloads for my legions of followers! I upped these for friends here and there so I might as well post the links here.

Mutant - Laserdrome EP. Great new thrash as reported in the Evile gig. By the way I am seeing them yet again on the 10th of May. They are supporting Bonded by Blood and Cauldron at The Purple Turtle which I've just bought a ticket for online. Anyway I've added an extra track to the EP which is Psycho Surgery and well worth it in my eyes. If you download this from here and like it please help the band by going to their shows or buy their EP from their myspace site. It's only for sale at shows at the moment but will probably be for sale later on. Buy the EP, it's worth it! If you like it please post a comment. These guys are just blowing me away at the moment.

Insidious Decrepancy - Tribulation
. A brutal death track from this one man band. Pretty cool track.

Gory Blister - Graveyard of Angels. Melodic and technical death. I love their Art Bleeds album. This is less good but still has some great riffs.

Mama Kin - Higher and Higher. A new melodic rock band from Sweden. This is the only song from their myspace site. It's very catchy and hooky. Try and see.

April Medley - A medley that I made myself. I like doing these they are quite fun. It features some of my current fave tracks segued into one 17 minute song.

Sandstone - Purging the Past. A hard rock band from Northern Ireland. Not bad stuff at all.

Petr Elfimov - Eyes that never lie. This is actually the Belarus entry into the Eurovision song contest next month. This is a plain awesome AOR anthem and deserves to win but it won't alas. Youtube clip here.

False Witness. An old US power metal band. High pitched vocal acrobatics and technical power/thrash metal ala Helstar. Pretty cool all in all.

Denounce - Deep Wood, Shallow Grave. UK melodic death act very much in the At The Gates mould. Great stuff if you ask me. I actually bought this CD from the band on their myspace. If you like it buy it and help them out. It's not too expensive as I recall.

That'll do you for now I guess. If you try something from here please make a comment.

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