Sunday, 19 April 2009

FA Cup Semi

So Chelsea finally overcame Arsenal 2-1 despite falling a goal behind. Their superior strength shone through and they made progress to return to Wembley in a month's time for the final. Today it's our turn against Everton and hopefully we will make sure that we get past the Toffees and return to do battle with Chelsea once again. Kick off is in 2 hours and it's a glorious day - actually not that conducive to great football as the pitch will be dry and bobbly.

On the metal front i read that finally Rock'n'Rolf has decided to disband Running Wild after a final live appearance at the Wacken festival. It's a pretty sad day indeed as RW have been one of my favourite power metal bands ever since I first heard them. I was not into them until The Rivalry album which was my gateway into the seafaring pirate metal of Rolf and crew. Alas it seems the mainbrace has been hoisted for the final time as Rolf feels it's time to abandon the good ship RW before it sinks down to Davy Jones' Locker! Thank you for the great albums which I will continue to play and cherish. It's a shame I will never see them live but the chances of that would have been slim as Rolf never hardly toured outside of a select few countries anyway. I raise a mug o' rum to ya Cap'n Rolf! Bon Voyage!

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