Saturday, 11 April 2009

Egg Hunting?

Well good Christian folk go a hunting for Easter eggs today. Alas not being that way inclined myself, I will have to leave the hunting to good Christian folk. There's a ton of places with 'hunts' happening across London. I guess it must be fun if you're a kid.

I am just settling into the second day of four days off. Play some music and sort out a few lines on the old footie coupon and that's about it.

Yesterday I played the long awaited new Heaven and Hell album with the Dio fronted line up of Black Sabbath. It's definitely a solid album and has some great moments but I am not massively excited as of yet. I found it quite hard going and the melodies were not immediately hitting me in the face. Of course I need to play a few more times to let the songs sink in but I sure wasn't overwhelmed and I doubt I ever will be. The album reminds me more of latter day Dio material which I am not such a fan of to be honest. Very dark and mysterious stuff with an air of doom pervading throughout. Time will tell if it will improve....

United play Sunderland today and a win is imperative! Anything else and the alarm bells will be ringing like there's no tomorrow. Just maybe, just maybe Blackburn can somehow hold the Scousers in the 12.45 lunch time kick off but I won't be holding my breath. If they did, we would get a huge boost going into the Sunderland game a bit later. Mind you that can work both ways if Liverpool tonk them as expected and pile some pressure on United to get the win at the Stadium of Light. Should be an exciting day and even Chelsea can't really be discounted yet if the top 2 slip up and let them in through the back door.

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