Tuesday, 7 April 2009

United Comatose

Back down to earth with a massive bump! 2-2 at home to Porto in the first leg is a bit of a disaster really. Porto pretty much outplayed United all the way apart from a couple of spells. It looked like we were going to escape with a narrow 2-1 win with an 85th minute winner but we can't defend for toffee at the moment. Another simple attack and poor defending at the back and some gringo equalised at the back post. Got a bit of our own medicine after seemingly nicking another late winner only to be pegged back this time and deservedly so as Porto were the better side by miles in the first half.

United have to go to Porto and win now. A task which no English club has apparently ever achieved. Oh well there's always a first. Quintuple hanging by a mere thread at the moment though.

On the gig front, I might go and see Pestilence this coming sunday seeing as I like their new album a fair bit indeed. Plus they are pretty much a classic death metal band with a long history although I've never actually been a fan and don't own any of their albums.

On a completely different note a friend sent me this Mom's Song from Youtube. It's pretty hilarious!

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