Friday, 14 October 2016

Suicidal Angels Live Report

Just a few short words about the gig. Four bands were on the bill. Spaniards Crisix were up first and they were pretty bloody awesome. Jumping mental thrash. Great stage moves by the front man and guitarists and neck ripping thrash. Crowd warmed.

Evil Invaders were manic and crazy! Fast as a bullet Maiden on acid! Very very energetic!

Skull Fist were not as good. The singer had a problem with his voice so some other dude was singing and his voice wasn't so great. A bit disappointing but still fun.

Suicidal Angels were tight beyond belief. They played the new songs at absolute maximum breakneck speed and the moshers work themselves up into a frenzy in front of the stage. They concentrated manly on Division of Blood but also of course some great old songs ending with two of their best in Moshing Crew and Apokathilosis, basically their Reign in Blood. Great night of thrashy, classic old metal!

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