Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sick again

This is just not fair..I only just got over the cold I had and the last two days I caught another one! Really lame. I hate being sick it's just awful. This is not exactly a really bad one but it's bad enough to bring on a headache, blocked nose and chills.

Anyway I have to lump it, I have no choice on the matter.

Found a great new prog metal album by a Brazillian band called Planeshift. They are really very skilled indeed.


I missed the Stratovarius, Firewind and Eden's Curse gig last night at the Islington Academy. Probably good job the way I was feeling last night. Would have been a cool gig no doubt but alas I had to miss it this time. I don't know when my next gig will be but I guess it won't be too long hopefully!

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