Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday

Well it's good to be off from work again although we've had quite a few days off lately. Still another one won't hurt. Apparently it's due to be 27 degress today although it's overcast at the moment, however thunderstorms are due later on.

Might be getting a free ticket to see Blaze this coming Saturday. Blaze is alright, he tries damn hard and is metal to the bone bless him. He's had a bumpy ride in his personal and public life but he keeps persevering and I guess the metalheads should applaud his endeavour and grit in the face of much adversity.

Heard two new power metal hammers in the face. Cage's new CD is just blistering heavy power metal as is the new Mystic Prophecy - Fireangel. Although I must admit that on first listen Iam somewhat missing the awesome vocal melodies from Liapakis in MP. The songs seem to be much more about blasting away with massive riffs and not so much about catchy melodies. Obviously it will take more plays to reveal it's hooks. The Cage on the other hand both although from Cage I was never expecting sing-alongs anyway but somehow they have just delivered a great album that will please any fan of heavy power metal. These guys don't have the success and recognition they deserve.

Came across this new London based band called New Device whilst browsing a rock forum. This band is seriously good and it's good to see a local band doing music like this. Straightahead melodic rock with great riffs and cool vocals. Check it out.

New Device

On the football front, it was the last day of the season and I wanted Newcastle to go down and by golly down they went. 50,000 to watch Scunthorpe next year, why ay mon!

United v Barca in Rome on Wednesday which I think all United fans can hardly wait for at the moment. Gonna be a crazy night!


Anonymous said...

Hello Pirage,
I hope that I am talking to the right person. Are you Bahman and Lili's son?
Your mom and mine were very close childhood friends and lost contact more than thirty years ago. At any rate if you are the one please email me at
and my apologies if I am off the mark!

Pirage said...

I am indeed their son. Still live with them even though I'm an old so and so. So your mother was friends with mine? Wow. I will ask her.