Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Come on United!

It's the big match tonight folks. Arsenal v Man Utd 2nd leg of the Champions League semi. United go in with a 1 goal advantage so I think as soon as we score 1 goal Arsenal will need 3 to go through. The onus is on Arsenal but United must score on the night because it will be very hard to hold them to a 0-0. Gonna be a helluva night and hopefully the mighty reds will go marching on to Rome for the final yet again.

I saw the Anvil documentary last night and it really is a wonderful film that will appeal to all metalheads and non metalheads also will also get something out of it as can be seen by the widespread rave reviews. The amount of shit thrown at the band this late in their career really is unbelievable and yet they kept coming back again and again, rising like the proverbial phoenix from the flames over and over. Any other sane band would have long disbanded and given up and here they are getting a final chance at the limelight thanks to this film. It really is an emotional journey and makes you feel proud of the mainmen Lips and Rob, especially Lips for persevering in the face of such absolute adversity. It is both very sad and also very very endearing and there are many moments when you feel absolute pity for these two guys. In the end the film ends with a ray of hope for the band but you can't help feeling that it might be yet another false dawn. However things are probably better now for the band than they have been for a long time and they have this film to thank for most of it I would guess. A great film no doubt and worthy of all the accolades and hype being bestowed upon it so far.

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