Sunday, 10 May 2009

Thrash gig later

Off to the little thrash gig tonight at the tiny Purple Turtle. Should be fun. Mutant will slay all no doubt. The Rauncherrrrrrrrr!!

Manchester derby to watch a bit later. The Hammers rolled over for the Scousers last night so we have to beat Citeh and then some. No holding back lads, let them have it both barrells! Funnily enough I actually had 2 quid on the scummy Scousers to win 3-0 at 10s. Was hoping to put a jinx on them cause I hardly ever win on football but this time it came in as they scored the 3rd goal late on. Might put a small bet on City today hoping it would have the same jinx effect. Mind you it didn't work yesterday with Liverpool, did it!

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