Sunday, 10 May 2009

"Strolling strolling strolling..."

Through the manchester summer sun. Easy 2-0 win over the blue side. Ronaldo free kick and a great Tevez goal. Ronaldo got subbed in the 2nd half and his face was like a spanked arse. Take it easy Ronnie. You did your job and others have to play a bit as well. He sulked and sulked and the toys were well and truly close to being hurled out of the proverbial pram. It's all about the team as fasr as I'm concerned and not one indivdual's self importance however primary he may be to the cause. Only 4 points needed now from the remaining 3 games against Wigan, Arsenal and Hull. Barring a catastrophe of Devon Loch-esque proportions the title should be wrapped up at home to the Arsenal next week.

Off to the gig a bit later. Will be a fun show hopefully.

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