Thursday, 15 October 2009

W.E.T. WOW!!!

Absolutely jaw droppingly incredible melodic rock release!!

What a friggin cd this is. I must must must must buy immediately once it's out for purchase properly. This is a project between 1 member from Work Of Art, 1 member from Eclipse and 1 member from Talisman, hence W.E.T.

The Talisman part is voiced by the legend Jeff Scott Soto so you know you are guaranteed killer melodic vocals with edge. Now Eclipse released an amazing record last year as did Work of Art so I was expecting huge things from this with Jeff singing and my expectations have been SURPASSED!!!!

This is unreal. The Forsi melodic hype machine is in overdrive baby!!!

The songs are truly orgasmic and Jeff sounds the best he has ever done, weaving some totally incredible melodies around your head. If you are a fan of melodic rock/AOR you will fall in love with this in a nano second. This is plain awesome. Now I have to decide how I can compare this to Place Vendome to see what is my numero uno melodic rock/AOR disk of the year. I didn't think PV could be challenged but W.E.T. have gatecrashed that one horse race and then some. It's a toughie! I will write a song by song review soon once I've digested the songs a bit more.

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