Sunday, 8 August 2010

Community Shield

United win the season curtain raiser 3-1 against Chelsea. A good performance to start the season in what is the most open Premier league season probably ever seen. City spending massively big and if they don't deliver a trophy the arabs will ask plenty of questions. PersonallyI have been in the doldrums lately. My ongoing foot problems have recently got much much worse. Of course it's all a curse brought about by being overweight but damn the pain is actually getting me down badly to the point where I feel things are coming to ahead.

Musically speaking I haven't been to any gigs and still stuck in a job going nowhere bloody fast. Life ain't that good at the moment though my chin is usually not down for long. Best album heard lately is an unknown symphonic power metal band from Poland called Pathfinder. I have been waiting for them to finally get their debut out after discovering them on youtube and loving their demo. They finally made it to album number one called Beyond The Space Beyond The Time and it was truly worth the wait. The best thing to come out of Poland since Decapitated!