Sunday, 12 September 2010

Muse at Wembley!

In a huge turn up for the books, I have just returned from the sold out Wembley Stadium show! Things looked decidedly dicey as far as getting a ticket. I posted a "wanted" item on Gumtree a personal free ad site here in the UK. I upped my payscale up to face value. Luckily I live pretty close to Wembley so I left my ad and just wandered down to the local vicinity to hang out in the bookies and wait for any offers to come in. Soon I started getting a few texts and 1 call. Unfortunately all these fell through for various reasons and a ticket could not be snagged. Just when I thought all is lost, I get a call from some girl saying she was willing to sell her ticket for face value. She explained she had a migraine coming on and didn't feel up to going. She lived in Highbury which is not that close to Wembley but not a million miles away either. Luckily for me she agreed to come to the venue to exchange. Yeah she was pretty as well, damn and I got her number on my phone hehe and she even touched my arm as she left!

Anyway ticket was in hand, 40 cash was handed over to ease her throbbing temple, the damsel happier somewhat but not "bad head" free was back on the train to Highbury with my "there there's" ringing in her ear and I went back to the bookie again and then got some fish and chips down me and finally off to Wembley.

Missed the first band.
2nd band was called White Lies. Jingly jangly pop rock. Not horrible.
3rd band was Biffy Clyro. Last time I looked the singer had all brown hair and beard, now he's got all blonde hair and beard. Damn they are one energetic band. They were running round like whirling dervishes all through their set. I only liked 2 songs from them, well I only KNOW 2 songs. One is Mountains which I know the title of, the other one I don't know the title of but know how it goes. The Scottish Biffy were OK!

Finally it was Muse. Basically they had the massive crowd eating out of their hands the whole night. Not for nothing are they labelled perhaps the best live band in the world. I think on record I can safely bypass Muse. I've got too many bands and albums that I'd rather play but the live experience was something else and it was a bloody experience. I think I can sum up their sound as being a conglomerate of dancy epic U2, touch of pompous Queen, little bit of The Who swagger, and a smattering of Led Zep rock and roll and some Pink Floyesque introspection. I think that encapsulates their sound very well. The stage set was pretty damn amazing. Like an angular pointed 3d building with big screens on it for projecting bits and pieces. There were lots of gimmicks as well with the band members going in front and out front on floating bases, a spaceship with dangling alien, bouncy eyeballs thrown over the audience etc. They played nigh on 2 hours and I think every single person in the house was singing most of the words apart from stupid old me cause I ain't gotta a clue!

The songs I liked best were the opener not sure of the title chorus says "we will be victorious". Also liked this song that sounds a bit like Queen's We Will Rock You in the drumming anyway. I liked some of the heavier grooving as well. Some of the overblown ambient piano sections got a touch tiresome. Overall I am glad I went at least once to see this band that almost everyone in the UK loves - it was worth it!

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