Sunday, 8 May 2011

Power Quest LIve Report

As you may or may not know The Purple Turtle is basically a pub with a stage at one end. Alas Power Quest as a band are not big enough to play a headline gig anywhere else and so it proved as the attendance was roughly 100 or so. I talked a fair bit once again with Chity Somapala the new singer before the gig. He's a very enthusiastic and likeable fellow plus he is great at fronting the band. I also very briefly met Alessio the previous PQ singer as he was also present.

Two support bands were on show. First were Primitai who I've caught supporting already this year at the Accept gig. They are ok and the heart is completely in the right place but the songs are just not memorable enough for me.

Direct support were Neonfly who apparently have a new singer though I didn't know they had an old one until Charlie my gig going pal told me so after the gig. The new singer has a very shrill and high pitched voice. The band's music is pretty cool with some decent melodies. When their album is released I will definitely check it out.

Finally at 9.45 the PQ guys were armed and ready for action and launched straight into the opening instrumental off the new album and then into Rising Anew. The band and Chity sounded very energised. The sound was a little on the loud side for such a small venue but was clear enough especially Steve Williams' keys which were pretty clear. Chity's vocals were very powerful and in pretty good shape for the first night of the tour. The band seemed to be having a lot of fun judging by the wide grins on their faces. They played a lot of songs from the new album including brilliant tracks like Crunching The Numbers and the title track Blood Alliance.

Of course they didn't miss out some older classics as well from their previous albums. One of the highlights of the set was Another World. I love that song. Better Days from the new album was also awesome with it's gorgeous 80s keys and vocals harmonies. Fun Stuff.

Just after 11pm the band played the final song of the night and the power metal diehards went into the mild night air happy. I saw Chity again at the end and wished him well for the rest of the tour. On a side note both Sam and Herman from Dragonforce were at the show as well and Sam was getting mega pissed as usual. Good to see them turn up to support their brother band though as Sam used to be in PQ along time ago.

A cheap and enjoyable night of power metal goodness folks.

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