Friday, 24 June 2011


Haven't been to jolly old Wimbers for nearly 20 years! Well finally I decided to make the trip and reminisce a little. So much has changed since I was last there it's really moved along with the times. Thankfully there wasn't much rain and interruptions were short lived. I managed to get a few photos. I saw old "nasty" Illie Nastase in the balcony. Tim Henman's parents of all people! Well not that surprising I suppose. Saw Richard Williams the father of the Williams sisters just standing in the grounds with his new girlfriend. Rather odd indeed but no photo cause it would have been a bit blatant. Oh and Henman Hill looks really big on TV but is actually really not that big. The whole of Wimbledon is a magnificent sight and the atmosphere is very posh in some respects and also the regular crowds also bring it down to earth somehow as well. Saw Nadal and Roddick in the practice grounds and a couple of other stars. Sharapova very briefy walked out but no photo unfortunately. She's actually very pretty in the flesh as well. Anyway it was fun and here are the photos.

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