Saturday, 4 February 2012

Edguy gets the cold shoulder

I was supposed to attend my first gig of 2012 tonight but I've wussed out completely and decided not to go and see Edguy tonight. It's just started to snow as well and I just don't fancy it cause I don't love them much anyway. There will be better gigs ahead anyway. Any one want an unused Edguy ticket? No? thought not!

Dream Theater plays Wembley next week and there is a tiny chance to be there but it's very slim cause I need a cheap ticket from ebay and it seems unlikely. Mastodon is a tiny possibility as well. The Rammstein tickets for the O2 are going for megabucks on ebay so no deal there.

On the musical front 2012 has got off to a fairly slow start. My favourite power metal album so far is Primal Fear's newie which rocks from beginning to end. Couple of death metal albums have been decent but nothing has completely amazed. However the one thing that has completely smashed my brain to mush is the new album by Greek thrashmongers Suicidal Angels. Now that's some blistering thrash right there. Couldn't even begin to say how much I enjoyed that one. A monstrous thrashterpiece make no mistake!