Saturday, 2 June 2012

Latest fave albums

Some of my favourite albums of the last few weeks are:

Ascension - Far Beyond the Stars - Scottish Dragonforce fanciers.
At Vance – Facing Your Enemy - classic power metal with great vocals.
Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix - top class melodic death.
Black Breath - Sentenced to Life - Evil old school death with rumbling riffs.
Coffin Texts - The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual - Morbid Angel worship.
Dark Tranquillity - Zero Distance EP - Enjoyable stop gap release.
Deadborn - Mayhem Maniac Machine - fast and technical death.
End Of September - st - gorgeous melodic euro goth.
Eradicator - Madness Is My Name - decent melodic thrash.
Firewind - Few Against Many - very heavy and powerful from Gussy and co.
Flayed Disciple - Death Hammer - brutal heavy thrash.
Grand Magus - The Hunt - more hard rock but still fun as hell.
Horrizon - Time For Revenge - melodic viking death with rough vox.
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist - Amazing vicious thrash.
Nightmare - The Burden of God - Melodic and powerful metal with heavy vox.
Otherwise - True Love Never Dies - Quality modern melodic rock.
Pathfinder - Fifth Element - Stratospheric symphonic power metal.
Rise To Fall- Defying The Gods - Quality melodic death ala In Flames.
Running Wild - Shadowmaker - Getting bad press but a fun release from the mighty Rolf.
Sabaton  - Carolus Rex - As amazing as always!
Sacred Gate - When Eternity Ends - Iron maiden copy not bad.
Scarlet Anger - Dark Reign - Heavy and melodic thrash beating.
Shores of Elysium - The Arbiter's Clockwork - Slightly technical melodic death.
Stargate - Beyond Space and Time - Prog power from Italy
Wig Wam - Wall Street - Fun stadium sized melodic rock.

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