Monday, 20 August 2012

Annual trip to Lords

Not an avid Cricket fan but I enjoy a trip to Lord's for the rather refined atmosphere etc. South Africa were in town and I scored a ticket for the fourth day for roughly half price from ebay which can't be bad. We even had a hot thunder storm and the sky went proper dark before a passing shower delivered big globules of water over a packed out Lord's. Mind you after the shower had passed the sun was seriously hot and burned me to a crisp more or less! I enjoyed the day although it was unbearably hot. As I write SA have just won the Test on the final day and are officially the best Test side in the world although it was a close call in the end. I thought about going for the final day but decided against in the end though as it turns out it was quite an exciting finale with England just failing and losing the series 2-0 to the Saffers. Here are a few photos.

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