Saturday, 20 July 2013

Powerwolf - Preachers of the Night

Ok a few words about each song.

Amen and Attack - I think I've already worn this song out. I love the song but I'm almost getting a little tired of this fantastic opener. Sets the scene in typical Powerwolf stylee. Fast anthemic and hilarious cheesy!

Secrets of the Sacristy is awesome. Just no getting over how awesome the song is. It's just brilliantly catchy. Can't even get over how they managed to write a chorus with this much catchiness without bursting out into a shit eating grin at their own awesomeness. This song reminds me more of classic German power metal ala Helloween/Gamma Ray. What's a sacristy by the way?

Coleus Sanctus - They love the latin titled song do these boys. This one is the first midpacer after the opening 1-2 heavy speed salvo. What can be said about this song? Well it features one of those typical chest beating choruses that the guys are experts at. Massive pounding heavy metal that puts hairs on your chest not that I need any. By the what does Coleus Sanctus mean?

Sacred & Wild - Another slower paced super melodic song with a chorus from the Gods. Mind you to say that a chorus is memorable on this album is like saying chocolate tastes good. A bit superfluous! Four songs in and you'd think a lesser track might turn up sooner or later. You wish!

Kreuzfeuer - Wow I don't believe this Kreuzfeuer might be my fave track on the album. It sounds like a slow paced, pounding, Sabaton track. One of those spine tingling ones that stir the emotions. The chorus is a huge anthem sung superbly by Attilla in German of course. In fact the whole song is in German so you'll have to tell me what it's all about my German friends, but it's amazing. What a rousing end to the song as well with beautiful melodic theme phasing out before a whispered build up to that epic and might Sabatonish chorus. Glorious!

Cardinal Sin - Gotta step up the pace and we are back to Helloweenish territory with a fast and melodic riff that they do in their sleep. When the chorus comes into view the melody will literally sweep you off your feet it's that infectious. I really marvel at these guys' ability to write a chorus. I'm not sure who is their main songwriter or if there's two of them probably those Greywolf brothers but whoever it is they know this game inside out. They write metal music and magic happens..literally.

In the Name of God - Another song that was on the ep and featuring a pounding mid pace and another of those righteous choruses that burn themselves in your mind. Maybe a slightly lesser track in an album such as this but that would be untra ultra picky cause it's still a great track. By the way this song also has a Sabatonish feel as do many other songs.

Nochnoi Dozor - A similar pounding beat to In the Name of God and perhaps a rewrite of that one almost but I like this one a little more cause the chorus is just special. Awesome! What does the title mean?

Lust for Blood - A bloodlust song is the norm on a Powerwolf album. On the last album We Drink Your Blood was beyond awesome and Lust For Blood ain't no different. It's a speedster though and I tend to gravitate more to fast paced music and this song is hitting the spot nicely although it's not quite as good as the other fast paced songs. I still love it and the chorus gets the heart levels hitting critical!

Extatum Et Oratum - Another typical Latin titled song by the boys with a monumental chorus. The riffs in this song blow the roof off and then some as do Atilla's vocal melodies which are just devine! The song's chorus reminds me of Sabaton's Ghost Division structure-wise and there is a similar energy. A magnificent song that cannot be faulted. The solo is truly mesmeric as well. I don't know what's my fave song on this damn thing but bloody hell this is close. As usual I'll ask what the hell does the title mean?

Last of the Living Dead track - The last track is an interesting track and has a running time of 7.54 but the last 3-4 minutes is just rain sounds and thunder. These guys are just taking the piss. About the song it's a lighters in the air semi-ballad song with a side to side arm waving chorus. I like the song cause it's very melodic and Atilla sounds amazing as usual but I'd place it near the bottom of a list of my faves possibly and I still love it as well!

So how to rate this album. Since Lupus Dei the band has hit four out of the park for me. If you are one of those who doesn't like to hear the same album twice then you would probably think this album is just a carbon copy of the last three and you'd be right but I don't really care as long as the songs are still good and boy are they spectacular! Even so I don't think the album is as good as Bible of the Beast. That album was just something was almost outrageous. Between this and Blood of the Saints is a close call and maybe a tie at the moment with slight preference for this album cause it's still fresh with Lupus Dei a gallant fourth. Can't wait to see them live in September. Should be a near riot!

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