Monday, 30 December 2013

My Thrash Metal list for 2013

49. Solaris - Shadow Walk With Me ep
A good solid thrashy riff fest of an ep. Hopefully an album will follow.

48. Animator - Blacklisted
Northern Irish young thrashers with a nice jumpy riff fest.

47. Nuclear Omnicide - The Presence of Evil
Regular fast to mid paced thrash but with very raw sound and bad vocals spoiling somewhat decent music. Still has enough moments to get a few horns thrown out.

46. M-19 - Mission Destroy
A recent discovery of this heavy bruising thrash beast. Not amazing but works up enough angst and meat and potatoes riffing to get the blood near boiling point.

45. Sanitarius - Eternal
A bit raw but still has some killer riffs that remind me of Iced Earth as I recall but the vocals are raw.

44. Domination - The Sacred Matrix
Fast as a bullet young Greek thrashers. A good start and base from which to build into a top class thrash band.

43. Death Mechanism - Twenty-First Century
Fast as hell somewhat prog thrash with slightly murky sound. If you like whirling speed and semi technical riffs then Death Mechanism works up a rare storm.

42. Crisix - Rise...then Rest
Regular thrash not a killer but works for me enough to make my list.

41. Amok - Somewhere In The West
Scottish thrashmongers deliver a simple thrash beating with a nice set of frenetic riffs to mosh till your heart's content.

40. Infanteria - Isolated Existence
Clean and precise South African thrashers do a nice job bringing the thrash heads what they need with a clean and meaty take on thrash goodness.

39. Essence - Last Night of Solace
A mix of death and thrash but I'll put it in this list for argument's sake. Some great crisp riffage and decent catchy songs.

38. Exarsis - The Brutal State
Precision level classic thrash but with an excruciatingly high pitched screamer that somewhat draws back from the riffage on display. Would have placed so much higher with a less hysterical vocal style 'cause the riffs are up there with the best.

37. Annihilator - Feast
I was expecting more from Jeff and co but it's still enjoyable and melodic Annihilator as you would expect and worthy of it's position.

36. Sagros - Anger Blinds The Mind
Regular thrash goodness with super angry vocals.

35. Mason - Warhead
A late discovery means a lowish spot in the list but I think it's probably worth much higher given a bit more time.

34. Soulfly - Savages
I'm not sure this is quite as good as recent Soulfly albums but I still enjoy the dark feel and the bruising heaviness.

33. Skeletonwitch - Serpents Unleashed
The best album from the black thrashers.

32. Warbringer - IV: Empires Collapse
Not a fan of the band's previous albums but the new one was very solid all the way through.

31. Ágona - Homo Grotescus
Another solid thrashy album with some death metal traits.

30. Lost Society - Fast Loud Death
Very young guys playing fast and heavy thrash with very raw screaming vocals which annoy a little. However the riffs are ace.

29. Hatriot - Heroes of Origin
Zetro Souza's band with his sons. Pretty enjoyable and close to Exodus in many ways.

28. Devariem - Planet Earth Ground Zero
Lots of fast, hard riffs and good technical skills from these unknowns.

27. Accu§er - Diabolic
Probably the heaviest thrash album in this list. The guitars bludgeon you into submission.

26. Condition Critical - Operational Hazard
Heavy and crunchy thrash metal with enjoyable songs.

25. Necrotic Effect - Black Box
Nicely riffed thrash metal.

24. Hell's Domain - Hell's Domain
Old school thrash but with modern sound.

23. Hemotoxin - Between Forever... and the End
Pretty technical thrash metal with slightly raw sound.

22. Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood
I like this much more than the last album. The songs are much more engaging for me.

21. Damned Creed - Choose a Side
Nicely riffed thrash metal with a lot of bounce and groove.

20. Riffobia - Laws of Devastation
Hugely fun riff fest from these unknowns.

19. Warfect - Exoneration Denied
Same as above - a fun riff fest.

18. War-Saw - Nuclear Nightmare
Polish thrash with vast improvement on previous album. Very heavy sound to boot.

17. Endovein - S.I.N
Only the buffoon on vox stop this album from aiming much higher in the list. The riffs are really melodic, technical and catchy.

16. Onslaught - VI
Heavy UK thrashers return with a much better album this time than their previous album. It's heavy and crushing with a monster production.

15. Ultra-Violence - Privilege to Overcome
Classic sounding thrash metal goodness.

14. Havok - Unnatural Selection
There's no doubt they are a great thrash band and one of the best of modern days but they couldn't quite match Time Is Up.

13. Revocation - Revocation
The technical masters delivered a really solid album this time out full of amazing riffs to sink your teeth into.

12. Panikk - Unbearable Conditions
Juddering onslaught of hammering riffs made these unknowns a thrash band to watch.

11. Artillery - Legions
Last singer was good and new singer is even better in my book. To me the band sounds more like heavy power metal on this disk but I'll put them in thrash 'cause of their roots. Either way it's a very solid bombastic and melodic record that packs a real punch.

10. Evile - Skull
The kings of English thrash are well honed thrashing machines these days and this latest offering was as good as their best.

09. Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes
A vast improvement from the tongue in cheek Northern Irish thrash mongers. The sound was miles better and the riffs tore up the place. Looking forward to seeing these guys live soon.

08. F.K.Ü. - 4- Rise Of The Mosh Mongers
To be honest I ignored this at first. More fool me! This is hellishly fun tongue in cheek thrash metal. I especially like the vocal delivery where you understand every single word.

07. Leech - Cyanide Christ
Very well executed clinical thrash metal with mental riffs galore and nice vocals to top it all off.

06. Hateform - Sanctuary in Abyss
The vocals are definitely in the death metal camp but these Poles are ace riffmeisters make no mistake. The heavy punchy sound made the album a thrashers wet dream.

05. Hybris - Heavy Machinery
A newcomer UK thrash band came out of nowhere with this consistently tightly riffed thrashfest. The vocals were a bit odd at first but I grew to accept whilst the somewhat technical riffage won me over in an instant. I hope they stick around because they can become even better on future releases.

04. Fueled by Fire - Trapped in Perdition
The LA thrashers made by far their best album. The all round thrash goodness was unmistakable as soon as you pressed play on this beast.

03. Hatchet - Dawn of the End
One of the best thrash band of recent years delivered once again and then some.

02. Violator - Scenarios of Brutality
The Brazillian boys matured further from their awesome last album to deliver a better produced and more polished effort. The pace was relentless and the riffs were designed to send moshpits into an insane frenzy.

01. Harlott - Origin
I had no idea who Aussies Harlott were before this release so I guess it's their debut but damn what a masterful thrashfest this albums is. I normally find one or two tiny things that I might not like in an album but I found it almost impossible to quibble at anything for this one. I hope they go on to top this album but it's gonna be difficult 'cause this is already an amazing effort from these bunch of unknowns.

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