Monday, 31 August 2015

Praying Mantis - Legacy Launch SHow

Praying Mantis are one of those bands I've come to appreciate more in their latter period than their earlier formations. This show was billed as the "Legacy" launch show in honour of their brand spanking new album. It was held at the rather small Borderline but I guess it was a very suitable venue as it was pretty full by the time these stalwarts took to the stage at 8.30pm.

They have two new members in the band, the singer and drummer, and both were in excellent form especially front man and new vocalist Jaycee who was in superb form all night. I can't pretend to know all the classic Mantis material how ever the new material sounded excellent indeed. The band played for around 75 minutes although the set list was not the best I did get to hear all the new tunes that I wanted to hear like Fight For Your Honour, The One, The Runner but Tokyo was unfortunately missing although it's a brilliant song. This incarnation of the band sounds super tight and pretty cool whilst the mainstays of the band the Troy brothers know the melodic rock song book inside out.

The new front man gets into the music more than the previous guy and his powerful vocals were pretty spot on all night. I would have liked some Tony O'Hora era numbers but that's by the by, I'll get over it. It was good to hear the Mantis boys in top form and promoting a super new album to a decent sized bank holiday Sunday night crowd.

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