Saturday, 17 October 2015

Wolf/Enforcer Live at the Underworld

but not amazing by any stretch. I have seen Wolf already this year at the Underworld and I was a little surprised to see them back so quickly but they are very good live and the chance to see Enforcer again was enticing as well.

First up were ACDC clones Dynamite. The bits I've heard of them on youtube made them out to be an ACDC clone of the Bon Scott era. It's a bit more raw and earthy than the better produced current era. I must admit ACDC clones ain't usually my cuppa but Dynamite sounded really good live. A nice and crisp and thankfully not overly loud mix helped matters no end. Their song writing is of course samey as you would expect but they are fun to watch and the rock and roll grooves are easily passable and warm up the crowd quite well. Not a bad 30 minutes or so indeed. I don't think I'll like'm on record but live, and with a beer in my hand, my horns were raised.

Next up were speed metal warriors Enforcer. I saw them at this very same venue a year or so back on the previous album tour when I first got into them. They have this dark and mysterious air about their stage set with lots of dry ice being pumped up to create a ghoulish atmosphere before the breaks into their breakneck speed metal. On their new CD they've become a bit more refined as well and not so hell for leather all the time and a touch more melodic, but in the live setting all subtleties are cast aside for speed and more speed. The tall blond front man and is an imposing guy and sings at the top of his lungs throughout the set. This was more or less a joint headline with Wolf so they got roughly an hour each which was fine and dandy. My favourite song was the title track from the new album From Beyond. It's an awesome live sing along. Enforcer got a great response and the biggest crowd of the night as well.

After they left the stage hands got the stage ready for Wolf but unfortunately for some reason the crowd had rather thinned out completely never to return so Wolf maybe played to about a 100 people max which is a shame as it was less than last time. This did not stop the boys from turning in their usual tight performance though. That little guy Niklas was his usual tightly muscled self at the front whilst his band mates flitted around stage swapping positions regularly. The sound was much louder for Wolf than the other bands and it was quite hard to hear Niklas's vocals but he was much louder than last time at least. Shark Attack is such a brilliant opener it never fails to impress. My Demon is a killer sing along. Speed On is an anthem which will be an impressive end for any set of true heavy metal. In between we got some rockier tracks like Hail Caesar and some speed metal ones like Steelwinged Savage Reaper which went down well with the front rows. Wolf played for just about the hour same as Enforcer and a night of true Swemetal was finally at an end. Not a huge attendance but for those that didn't make it well, it's their loss as the ticket price was pretty cheap.

Hopefully a new album will appear by Wolf next year and I advise any one with a chance to see Wolf to take it as you'll see a very energetic and fun live set and the same goes for Enforcer as well of course. Both bands bleed heavy metal from every pore and then some.

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