Tuesday, 26 April 2016

UDO - Live at the Islington Academy

A special night at O2 Academy in Islington with the grand daddy of German metal Herr Dirkschneider playing Accept songs for the final time. Now I must admit I am no huge Accept fan but I was so impressed with the normal Udo gig last year that I gave his the time of day again. Thankfully, so did 400 and more punters as well!

The first support band was called Icon and they are a local band. They play heavy British sounding modern metal. Not really my cuppa. They were bloody heavy though.

Next up were Anvil. To be honest I'm not actually a fan although I've seen them before. Oddly enough they were actually rather good. Lips sounded ok for someone who can't really sing and the band sounded tight. Their songs are just not that interesting to me but they played excellently and got a great response from the crowd.

Soon it was the turn of the German metal warrior Udo and his band of merry men to t metal machine for one last time. Udo looks a bit more rotund and older than last year but he still has the perfect snarl for the classic Accept material. I don't even know all the Accept tunes but every single song had a great riff pretty much and the crowd was loving every second of it.

A very enjoyable night to reminisce over old tunes from the teutonic legends for one last time.

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