Sunday, 19 February 2017

Amberian Dawn Live Review

A bit late writing this live review but better late than never! Finnish band celebrated their 10th anniversary as a band with a gig at the Boston Music Room. Unfortunately the attendance was not really good at all with barely a 100 people there. Two other bands played support with both having females on lead vocals. Crimson Sun were up first and I must admit I don't recall hearing them. They weren't terrible and her voice wasn't awful but they were no great shakes really.

Next up were Diabulus in Musica, who I believe are Spanish judging by the accents. It turns out they too were celebrating their 10th anniversary. They were a bit more dramatic and better sounding than the first band. The girl singer was very beautiful herself and very slim indeed. But she had a big operatic voice as well a cool normal singing voice. Better than the first but still not really my cup of tea. Too dramatic and not song based for me to enjoy.

Finally it was time for headliners, Amberian Dawn and boy did things spark and turn around. Immediately you could tell who was the classiest band of the night. First of all there was a dramatic improvement in the sound mix. The band's up front keys especially booming through loud and clear. Most importantly of all front gal Capri's vocals were nigh on perfect. I know they pipe in some of the operatic harmony stuff as she can't do it all but she was an absolute Goddess on the mic. She's got very beautiful round eyes and her dancing skills are very good too and she really gets into the songs.

The songs themselves were oh so memorable and very catchy indeed. The melodies flow so well and you're left with quite a happy and joyous grin on your face as you nod along. They came on quite late at quarter to 10 but played until 11 including a nice three song encore. It's a shame they didn't have more people come and see them 'cause AD are a top class female fronted euro power metal band and they proved it with a fantastic performance with Capri being the star of the show.

Hope to see them again one day!

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