Saturday, 1 April 2017

Ross The Boss Live Report

Going to this gig is literally based around me having never seen Manowar live. They played Brixton a few years ago but I refused to pay what they were asking for and gave it a miss.

Now with RTB being an original Manowar guitarist is not really a big deal for me to be honest. All I'm interested in is hearing some Manowar classics live for the first time. This tour was plainly a Manowar based tour with Ross only playing tunes from the albums he appeared on and nothing else. No songs from his great album New Metal Leader etc. just plain classic Manowar tunes!

There was a support band to get through first which was Melbourne's Elm Street. A decentish trad band musically but vocally too aggressive. Live however they were rather good. The rough vocals didn't irk me as much as they did on record. I liked the galloping true metal music and the Maidenesque bass lines a lot. Good warm up act.

Finally at 8.30 on the dot it was time for Ross and his troops to play the dam shit outta some classic 'war! Any boy did they do that. The Thursday night crowd had filled out nicely to probably around 250 or so rabid fans. Obviously plenty of Manowarriors in attendance and even a guy with a plastic hammer! Yes you have to come to these things prepared for battle!

The band had a perfect sound going on with a very solid touring line up of Rhino ex drummer, Mike LePond on bass and Mark Lopes on the mic. I don't know Lopes well but the dude is a perfect fit. he maybe not quite as good as Eric Adams but he'll do alright and is a great front man for the band. These mano classics sounded beastly I tell you. LePond on bass was great although he seemed less into it than the others hehe, or maybe that's just his regular demeanour. Picking out faves is easy. Hail Hail to England which is apparently only being played on our shores and not the rest of Europe on The Discipline of Steel tour as it's titled. Ross the Fucking Boss himself was on fire man. His solos cut through glass shards and his riffs bludgeoned! The Oath was sung by all. Kill With Power was blistering with the crowd offering up and insanely loud "Die! Die!" in the chorus.

Dark Avenger slowed it right down before a rousing end. The main set ended with two absolute monsters with Fighting the World and Metal Daze. Fighting The World especially provoking near mass bedlam down the front with fists and voices raised!

Nutters down the front lapping it all up with a big heavy metal spoon! Two joyous odes to metal to end the main set before an encore of band anthem Battle Hymn and then the beck and call build and attack of Hail And Kill. Magnificent stuff if you ask me. Fists were raised, horns were given, voices were mighty, the metal was true and Ross was the fucking Boss!

Blood of the Kings
Death Tone
The Oath
Blood of My Enemies
Kill With Power
Thor (The Powerhead)
Each Dawn I Die
Gloves of Metal
Sign of the Hammer
Hail to England
Dark Avenger
(Preceded by Bass Solo)
Drum Solo
Fighting the World
Metal Daze

Battle Hymn
Hail and Kill

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