Saturday, 3 June 2017

Kiss - Live at the O2 Arena

Back at the O2 again so soon after the 2 Maiden shows to see Yank giants of rock, Kiss. To say I am not a huge fan of Kiss would be an understatement as I don't own even one Kiss album and I'm not that familiar with many of their classic songs. I sort of know them in my brain if I hear them again but I can't really recall them without hearing barring about 4-5 of them. 

Anyway I still went to my second ever Kiss show as I had the day off still from the weekend and it's fun to see this larger than life band and have another party before reality kicks in the next day. I had a seat on the upper deck but to my surprise the O2 was very very far from sold out unlike Maiden who sold the place out twice in a row. I'd say the whole of the upper deck of the O2 was not even half full at show start time. The lower deck was almost full and the floor standing was pretty full so I'd guess the crowd at around 12-13,000 in a venue that holds 20,000. Maybe it was the fact that it came so close to two sell out Maiden shows and it was also a mid week date so the attendance was less than expected. 

A support band called The Dives were listed. It turns out it's Paul Stanley's son's band. Nepotism in full force and effect though I guess Maiden know all about that! I checked The Dives out on youtube. Not my cuppa so I entered the venue after they had finished and sat ready for the world's hottest band to lick me up if you pardon the expression. I actually moved from my allotted seat to a spot much closer to the stage on show start since there was so much space.

The crowd was excited and ready to party, make up was on, platforms were donned, guitars were strapped and the band was already firing on all cylinders as they started off with Deuce with Gene singing. Now Gene has a voice that's as rough and ready as they come but he surprised me with how good he sounded. He sounded rough but good if you catch my drift. The rest of the band were sounding good and the stage show was full of pyrotechnics and loud bangs etc as songs reached fever pitch.

We had about 30 seconds of silence for the Manchester concert victims as Paul made a heartfelt speech about the events that night. But the show was about partying and having fun and letting go of everyday troubles. Songs were made to be sung along with and danced to with a larger than life band on stage giving it the big one all night. Songs came and went and were lapped up. Gene spat blood, breathed fire, Paul flew into the crowd. Every old Kiss cliche was there in full effect make no mistake. You wanted the best and you got the best, that's Kiss. Fave songs of the night for me were Crazy Crazy Nights as usual, love that no matter what. God of Thunder was crazy with Gene being a maniac. War Machine was heavy and cool. Psycho Circus was very catchy with Paul singing from a plinth in the crowd which he flew to on a pulley from the stage. Last song of the main set was the awesome sing along Rock and Roll All Nite which everyone sang with of course.

Then we had the encore of two stone cold Kiss certs with I Was Made For Loving You and Detroit Rock City before the outro tape played God Gave Rock and Roll To You and it was all over. I would've actually liked to have heard that live as the last song of the night. Anyway Kiss are still a solid live band. However Paul's voice is more or less shot. He sounds very hoarse at times or plain weak. Maybe it was the last night of a long tour but his heyday is long gone it seems. All that screaming and singing takes its toll in the end. Still I don't think Kiss fans care too much, people just wanna have fun at a rock n' roll show and Kiss gives'em what they want and then some!

Don't know If I'll ever see Kiss again but if it's the last then it leaves a good memory of a band that's all about having fun and rocking out and not giving a fuck every night for two hours!

Rock and Roll
(Led Zeppelin song) - on tape
Shout It Out Loud
(Moment of silence for… more )
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
(Gene breathes fire)
Shock Me
(Tommy on lead Vocals)
Guitar Solo
Flaming Youth
Bass Solo
(Gene spits blood, flies into the air)
God of Thunder
Crazy Crazy Nights
War Machine
Say Yeah
Psycho Circus
(Paul flies into the crowd)
Black Diamond
(Paul returns to main stage)
Rock and Roll All Nite

I Was Made for Lovin' You
Detroit Rock City
God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II - outro tape

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