Sunday, 1 October 2017

Cats in Space

First time seeing the Cats at the Borderline although they seem to be a bit of a fixture at the venue although they did have to cancel a gig due to one member having a dodgy ticker at the start of the tour. This was the last night of the tour and a triumphant end no doubt with a very decent turnout of over 200 with the Borderline pretty full.

First band was Kaato, a young looking bunch with one foot firmly in the 80s glam scene. The singer had a very high pitched voice that was on the sleazy side for my taste. A couple of their songs were pretty heavily riffed affairs and I quite enjoyed those. They they resorted more regular sleazeballs which were not exactly my cuppa. But they weren't actually that bad. I'm not sure they are really a suitable support for the more grown up Cats in Space fans though.

Anyway at 9pm the Cats took to the stage and sounded bloody great almost from the word go. I am not familiar with the band enough to know their names but they sounded like long in the tooth pros who had been doing the rock game for years. Lead singer sounded bloody great too with great vocal melodies. I am not so familiar with the first album and it's only with Scarecrow that I finally became a Cats fan so to speak. I do know Mr. heartache from the debut though and I must admit all the songs from the debut sounded as good if not better than the songs I know from Scarecrow.

The band sounded great no doubt and everyone was enjoying them and singing a long when they could. I love the energetic moments in certain songs like Timebomb and the epic title track Scarecrow. I get a Uriah Heep vibe from them at times. The keyboardist is a bit of a showman too though I couldn't see him too well from my vantage point. Special mention for the great harmony vocals provided by the bass player which were spot on. So there you have it. cats in Space are a great band and make effortless epic pop/rock music that anyone with a taste for classic melody can enjoy.
Don't miss them live if you get a chance.

Too Many Gods
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Last Man Standing
Unfinished Symphony
September Rain
Mr. Heartache
How Does It Feel?
(Slade cover)
Broken Wing


The Greatest Story Never Told (inc. Andrew Stewart solo)
Five Minute Celebrity

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