Friday, 22 December 2017

Last 3 gigs of the year...

2 Low key and a big'un to end with to reach 44 gigs for the year.

Santa Cruz were pretty fun as were Skarlett Riot. The SC singer is average live though but the riffing and songs are shit hot. Skarlett Riot are fun all round. 2 other bands played but they were nondescript.

Penultimate gig saw Scottish heavy rockers Mason Hill ably supported by a new band to me called Departed. Departed were great. Something like ACDC without the rough edges and a smoother classic vocal. Check the Departed band out. Mason Hill I saw earlier this year supporting Inglorious and that's how i discovered their greatness. These Scottish boys are full steam ahead heavy ROCK with a super vocal. 

And finally last night I saw the colourful Five Finger Death Punch in front of 10,000 at the Wembley Arena. I was basically crossing them off my list so to speak. I'm not a huge fan but their songs are made for Arenas. Ivan is a real solid singer. The band is fun. In Flames were main support and they were ok but 5FDP were better than them to my dismay. IF plays only songs from recent albums which are hard to recognise. They are full professional but I'm just a dyed in the wool old schooler when it comes to IF. Metalcore mob Of Mice and Men were the first band on btw. Not my thing but the floor was a giant mess of course. 5FDP were the best band and fun. The floor was a giant pit. Ivan commands the crowd to do his every bidding and backs it up with great melodic vocals. Very colourful band but this will probably be my one and only collision with the 'punch! :-) 44 gigs and done ....phew...roll on 2018!

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