Friday, 26 December 2008

Some New Year Downloads.

What the hell after an age I will post some links to some of my uploads. More people might as well try them if they pass my blog. Just interested in seeing how many people download them. - featuring 10 of my current favourite melodic metal tunes. It's about 15 minutes long and a lot of fun. - Some Jap dude who shreds. - Shinedown bonus tracks from The Sound of Madness. Awesome tracks too if you ask me. - Solo album from Trev Lukather, Steve Lukather from Toto's boy. The song-writing skills were definitely passed down. - A unique CD limited to 1000 copies released as a money raising excercise for the great online rock radio station And yes I DID pay for mine!! :) - Great song from the Sly Stallone 80s flick Cobra. Sung by Jean Beauvoir. 80s Soundtracks were too cool. This song just has this great feel about it. Smells of Hollywood's extremely warm and dangerous nights. - This from Highlander II soundtrack sung by the almighty Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Great epic song. - I think this guy came runner up to David Cook in American Idol though I'm not certain. Anyway reson I like this is because I actually love the original - it's a classic. Not a bad effort from this guy either. - Title song from Hot Leg, who are Justin Hawkins's new vehicle. I think the song rules. Queen meets ZZ Top boogie! - Old band called Ya Ya. This is their 2nd album titled simply II. Pretty perfect anthemic AOR/Melodic rock. - Brand new Dark Moor track from the forthcoming album. Sounds good. - Unknown UK melodic thrashers. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

Happy New Year!

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