Friday, 22 January 2010

First gig of the year!

First post and first gig of the year. Generally things have got off to a poor start in 2010. My computer is still knackered and now the charger has died. I have ordered a new one but unfortunately it's coming from bloody Hong Kong and taking an eternity. If I had any sense I would have waited and ordered from ebay and got it a bit cheaper but I jumped in again and for soem damn reason the company is taking an eternity to send it.

Anyway I had a ticket for Stratovarius and Mystic Prophecy but didn't go as I really really couldn't be arsed that night. It was dead cold as well. Funnily enough the previous Thursday I had a ticket for the Ignominious Incarceration gig and I wouldn't have gone to that either, but thankfully it was cancelled and put back to the 21st which was just last night.

So off I sauntered to that one at the Underworld. A five band bill all in all and plenty of value for the very cheap £7 entrance fee. The bill included 3 bands I hadn't heard of and 2 that I had.

First up was some melodic deathcore band called Into Exile. They were not bad but did not do much for me. The vocals were as usual hardcore barking and not my cuppa but the band had decent riffage with the customary hardcore breakdowns and posturing.

Next up were a typical metalcore band called Reasonable Doubt. I liked them a bit better than the first band but still there wasn't much love from me.

Next up were a four piece band called Snakebite. Again I've never heard of them, but they easily received the best reaction of the night from the 150-200 or so punters who turned up. I must admit I was completely won over by these guys especially the guitarist. That dude is fucking super talented. His riffs and solos were ultra fucking groovy and catchy and seemed almost out of place on a metalcore type band. For Metalcore is what Snakebite are in the end but I must admit that they completely won me over as I said. The frontman was a charismatic crazy loon as well and kept going on about something or other. The sound for their set was amazing as well. Perfect balance and crystal clear between guitars, bass and drums. At the end of their set I quickly went and bought their EP from the merch stand for a fiver. I haven't played it yet but I hope they live up to the live show they gave which was absolutely incendiary.

Next up were UK's number one melodic death band, Denounce. I had bought their cracking debut album last year and didn't want to miss this opportunity of catching them live and boy did they not disappoint! These guys should be huge stars in the melodic death underground believe me. The only thing that spoiled the set was a slightly too loud mix which was previously perfect for Snakebite. It seems they turned it up loads for this. It was still clear but almost jarring. These guys were just super hot, blistering riff after blistering riff they crushed the first few rows and got a super reaction. The only thing they might need to work on is a little more in the way of dynamics, cause songs tended to blur into one another but what a fucking song to have in you arsenal. Hyper aggressive melodic death mastery from Denounce!

Finally at the reasonably late hour of 10.30 Ignominious Incarceration finally took to the stage and they perhaps played to the smallest crowd of the night which was a shame but I guess it was late and the crowd was a bit tired. Anyway these guys were the main reason I was there as I love Of Winter Born their debut album and damn though they only played for half an hour, they did not disappoint me at all. They are just super tight as a band. The vocals are slightly metalcore but I will forgive them this as the frontman is quite engaging with his torturous face pulls. The guitarist with the fucking tattoos is absolutely sick! He nailed the amazing riffs from the debut and they also played a new track which seems to carry on from where OWB left off. Like I said they only played 30 minutes but they ruled. I love their melodic and technical sound and they played it to perfection live. I look forward to their new album. These guys fucking rule!

Overall an enjoyable night for a bargain price. Can't be bad can it!


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