Thursday, 31 December 2009

Top 30 Thrash Metal Albums of 2009

30. Hammered - Gut Rot. Cool thrash.

29. Seregon - Disposable Suffering. UK aggressive thrash ep. Really tight and heavy.

28. Gwar - Lust in Space. Quite fun craziness not to be taken totally seriously.

27. Havok - Burn. Cool thrash what else can I say.

26. Sinocence - Scar Obscura. Northern Irish Metallica fanciers. Enjoyable and melodic.

25. Prayers of Sanity. Religion Blindness. Cool regular heavy thrash.

24. Believer - Gabriel. Comeback merchants. Not loving it as much as most but it's good - production not great for me.

23. Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn. Another comebackee. Solid not in love with it.

22. Incite - The Slaughter. Surprisingly good solid modern thrash from the young Cavalera family.

21. Aggression - MoshPirit. Yep nice aggressive thrash with sleek sound.

20. Revocation - Existence Is Futile. This seems to be both death and thrash. Could and should have been far better but still good.

19. Vektor - Black Future. If this had proper vocals instead of the most annoying scream in all of hades, then it would be in my top ten somewhere!

18. Paradox - Riot Squad. Yep much better than Electrify. Yes Mr Frank 'tis true! Vocals still suck a bit though but riffs are off the hook.

17. Gama Bomb - Tales From the Grave in Space. Somewhat comical Northern Irish thrash. Miles better than their previous cd. FUN!

16. Tribulation - The Horror. This one hit hard when I first heard it. It's got black metal vox but the music is raging thrash and heavy as hell.

15. Elimination - Destroyed by Creation. UK melodic thrash aping Metallica and Annihilator. Vocals little bit average but songs rule.

14. Hellwitch - Omnipotent Convocation. Most craziest thrash release of the year. Millions upon trillions of riffs equal absolute chaos. Somehow pretty cool!

13. Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Living for Death, Destroying the Rest. I like this band. liked their previous as well. They are very catchy.

12. Fuelblooded - Off The Face Of The Earth. Really chunky, heavy thrash, not speed infested. Good solid headbang!

11. Kreator - Hordes of Chaos. It's Kreator - it has the stamp of quality. This time sounds more retro than the more modern previous disks.

10. Savage Messiah - Insurrection Rising. UK heavy thrash/power mix. Great riffs.

09. Blood Tsunami - Grand Feast for Vultures. Thrash with some black elements but very catchy headbangy riffage all round.

08. Urto - Upside Down. Somewhat technical thrash. Very heavy and crunchy with plenty of grooves.

07. Mutant - Laserdrome EP. Only an EP and still easily makes the top ten. Amazing futuristic thrash with super clean sound. 4 songs that stick like superglue!

06. Artillery - When Death Comes. Heavy as hell power/thrash mix. Great new singer and slamming riffage.

05. Mantic Ritual - Executioner. Reminds or old Metallica. Love the sleek sound which is actually like the old 80s thrash, just updated.

04. Megadeth - Endgame. Not as many hooks as United Abominations but the guitar playing is all round amazing and the production is truly massive. Songs grew on me as well the more I listened.

03. Pitch Black - Hate Division. Liked the band's previous but Hate Division took it to another level. Very aggressive band all round and a monstrous production. Bang your head or die!

02. Evile - Infected Nations. The best UK thrash band! OK Enter the Grave was so so but had potential and this album proves that they really are a top class heavy melodic thrash band. Perfect mix between Metallica and Megadeth and Testament

01. Suicidal Angels - Sanctify the Darkness. I was a big fan of Eternal Domination their previous album but this new one knocked it out of the park! The aggression, playing and massive sound is as good as thrash can ever be in my book. The riffs plain level mountains that's all I can say!

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