Sunday, 13 December 2009

16th and final gig of the year

I am off to see literally my fave band in all of thw world right now. Yes I'm seeing the all conquering Sabaton for the third time tonight. Sure to be great even though it is on a horrible freezing Sunday at that. My previous 15 gigs this year were as follows. I started off like a house on fire but it's slowly petered out as I lost some of my enthusiasm for live music towards the end of the year. But for Sabaton I make an exception!

Edguy - 10 Jan
Don Airey - 14 Jan
Shinedown - 21 Jan
Lordi - 12 Feb
Priest/Megadeth/Testament - 21 Feb
Hammerfall - 1 Mar
Hardcore Superstar - 12 Mar
H.E.A.T - 18 Mar
Testament - 25 Mar
Evile - 23 April
Bonded by Blood - 10 May
Anvil - 11 June
AC/DC - 26 June
Praying Mantis - 5 Aug
Dream Theater - 10 Oct

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