Saturday, 19 December 2009

Disaster! Catastrophe! Tragedy!!

My friggin' laptop decided to take a massive crap the other night and I have been computer-less since. Now me without access to the net at any moment is liking going cold turkey from the baddest heroin and crack cocaine snowball you can imagine! I don't know what the fuck happened but it was damn serious and my attempts to fix it have not been fruitful at all as yet. I have lost all my files at the moment.

Google has revealed what the problem is and the solutions but alas even with that knowledge in hand I have not been able to fix out this nightmare as yet. There are still avenues open and all may not be totally lost but at the moment it looks bleak. Really lame time to be without a computer as well as it's damn cold and I don't want to go out and being without the net is not great at all! Oh well I have to suck it up at the mo, got no choice. Maybe get a new laptop but a friggin' shitty stoke of luck. My laptop was working fine and dandy and then death...

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