Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bought 5 gig tickets

Spent £93 on tickets for forthcoming gigs. An average of £18.60 a gig for a ticket delivered to the door. I can't quite figure out in my mind if this is reasonable value for 5 separate gigs or is it a bit too much. Anyway what's done is done.

Here are the gigs

Thursday, 17 March - Accept + Wolf. Accept for the first time. Seen Wolf before.
Tuesday, 22 March - Symphony X + Power Quest. If a band other than Power Quest had supported I wouldn't have gone I must admit.
Friday, 1 April - Paradise Lost playing Draconian Times + Ghost. Seen PL many times. Playing their best album in full makes this an event worth attending.
Saturday, 23 April - Atheist + Exhumed. Finally seeing the tech death freaks from Florida live.
Thursday, 5 May - Power Quest, Neonfly and Primitai. Two lots of PQ action within a month or so. This time of course their own headline.

Oh and tomorrow I am thrashing it up with Lazarus A.D. and the main draw for me, Bonded By Blood. Wreck necks!

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